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AUSA – Revision Prowler


Revision is committed to developing next generation Soldier protection. Two key technology programs that were launched at AUSA this year are the ‘Advanced Head Protection System (AHPS)’ and the ‘Prowler Human Augmentation’ system.

The AHPS is a rifle round stopping helmet, with full maxillo facial protection, integrated electronics, integrated heads up display to Android, and pneumatic liner system that meets the new 14.1 fps impact requirement. The AHPS was developed in concert with the US Army Labs Natick.

The Prowler, is Revision’s Human Augmentation device. It increases a soldiers metabolic reserve while preventing short and long term injuries. The Prowler allows our soldiers to be more lethal on the objective while increasing deployability through reduced injury. The Prowler, has been tested by SOCOM and CANSOFCOM, and is under contract with the US Army Labs Natick. Shown to provide a 33% mechanical advantage, the Prowler proves to be the next human augmentation system.

Both systems are continuing to be innovated in support of several DoD and international programs as well as SOCOM’s TALOS program.


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  1. Paul says:

    For lifting coffee dispensers!

  2. Timmay says:

    Juan Valdez don’t need no stinking cyborg legs!