In Stock at NEXCOM – New Balance – Minimus Military Exchange Exclusive Colors

We went to our local NEX this morning and lo and behold, a herd of unicorns.


The New Balance – Minimus Military Exchange Exclusive Colors are starting to show up. Sizes are limited. That 20% off at the NEX ends today. We haven’t seen them at AAFES yet.

For full details read our earlier story:

8 Responses to “In Stock at NEXCOM – New Balance – Minimus Military Exchange Exclusive Colors”

  1. Angry Misha says:

    Maybe its just me, but there’s usually a reson why you “Mark down” stuff lol

    • jack says:

      if you’re not familiar with the service exchanges, they run 20% of on shoes pretty regular.

    • straps says:

      This is a “.mil only” edition of a highly regarded shoe.

      New Balance has a history of interest in the military, and the quality of the execution of their past products (see their USMC PT uniform–or whatever their arcane term is for it:,default,pd.html?start=8&cgid=168000) speaks for itself. I would LOVE it if Army decided to go in this direction. But no, our PFU evolves from bad to worse.

      Sometimes companies with good product mark it down to build goodwill–and market share–with a valued clientele. Sometimes.

    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for tracking down these shoes. The Navy and Marine Corps exchanges are wrapping up a “Better You” promotion and all athletic shoes are on sale, not just us. Now is the time to get a pair!


    • SSD says:

      Four different entire brands are in sale at the NEX right now including NB. The sale ends today. They put those shoes out this morning and they were included in the sale.

  2. eodbrady says:

    The training shoe is now available online at AAFES.