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The Lieutenant Don’t Know T-Shirts

How can you not appreciate a pitch like this?

BLUF: Everyone needs a t-shirt that says “The Lieutenant Don’t Know”. Because he doesn’t/didn’t/don’t. I’m looking for help funding the 2014 launch of my book “The Lieutenant Don’t Know” which tells the story of one Marine unit in Afghanistan in 2010. T-shirt sales will help fund the marketing and launch of the book!


If you still need a reason to purchase one, consider this:

Oh, and remember kids, MCO P1020.34G states that you can’t wear this bad boy in uniform. Best keep this one for off-duty hours and black ops…

American Apparel Jersey T-shirt Sizes: S – 3XL in OD.

Get yours at

4 Responses to “The Lieutenant Don’t Know T-Shirts”

  1. Jeff Clement says:

    Thanks to SSD for posting this and helping to get the word out, and thanks for all of your support with the project!

    Please “like” the facebook page for more info on the book as we get closer to launch:

    Jeff Clement
    (the lieutenant…the very lieutenant who didn’t know)

  2. Ahab says:

    Looking forward to the book and joining as an O-1.

  3. Ajax says:


    Is there an option for ordering for us Lieutenants that are living abroad?