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Benchmade Introduces ComboEdge SOCP Dagger

This is the coolest thing I didn’t get to see at AUSA. Unfortunately, the sample didn’t arrive at the show but I still get to share it with you thanks to the power of the internet.

SOCP Dagger - ComboEdge

The SOCP Knife (Special Operations Combative Program) is a dagger design from Chief Instructor Greg Thompson and manufactured by Benchmade. The design has been out there for awhile so you may have already seen it. However, Benchmade just introduced a new model with a ComboEdge blade. The dagger is designed to be both an offensive and defensive weapon so if you’re wrapped up or someone grabs your primary weapon in a confined space (think house or cave) you can draw the SOCP to engage at close quarters and fight away from the threat to give you enough room to revert to primary or secondary weapon. The blade and finger eye/loop at the top is configured so you can still maintain positive weapon control and good trigger manipulation while the SOCP Knife is in your hand. I’ve written about this before and since some folks have trouble visualizing it, Benchmade created this graphic.

The deal with this new ComboEdge is that the original model was great at stabbing but, lacking a full blade, didn’t do much in the slash department. Benchmade added this new serrated section to the blade and presto; you can hack and slash as well as stab.

In addition to a MOLLE compatible sheath, the SOCP Knife is also available with a red training knife.

Training Dagger


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13 Responses to “Benchmade Introduces ComboEdge SOCP Dagger”

  1. Miclo18d says:

    I like this. One of the more innovative designs I’ve seen in knives! I carried a BM auto folder into combat 2 times and would have ditched it for this! Very smart for a combat dagger!

  2. BillC says:

    That training blade is great idea! Probably had feedback for it the hard way.

  3. See Bowl says:

    I have had the original form of this knife for a while and really like some features of it, however ultimately stopped carrying it. The knife and sheath set up is very light weight, doesn’t take up any space on my vest, and is easy to grab. I give the knife very high marks in those categories and ultimately why I purchased it in the first place. However…the blade length is very short. I wear size large gloves (if that means anything) and my hand covers up a portion of the blade. The actual cutting / piercing length is only a couple of inches. All of my pocket knives ended up having more actual blade length than this knife. This basically means that the knife is limited to defensive use. It also can only be handled in a reverse grip. I like the idea and design but feel that the knife has too many limitations. Again, I respect the knife and appreciate the inventive design and certain aspects it brings, but feel that it did not meet all of my expectations. I would look closely at the philosophy of use that you want out of your knife. This was a mistake I made.

  4. The new 178SBK SOCP dagger also features a new coated clip on sheath. Adding extra retention when placed between MOLLE webbing or in a trauma plate pouch.

  5. Carlisle says:

    Looks an awful lot like the Spartan CGB Tool. I wonder which one came first?

  6. Carlisle says:

    Should be CQB Tool, not CGB.

  7. Beau says:

    OMG! It says “Special Operations” It must be legit, I guess I need it… For when I do Operator stuff… lol Looks like an excellent idea, and an excellent way to grab some tactical suckers with the name.

    • SSD says:

      Yeah, that whole Special Operations Combatives Programs for, you know, SOCOM, must have confused you.

  8. jimbo jones says:

    I get so tired of hearing “looks like the Spartan Blades version”. Greg hooked up with them when he initially came up with it for his very successful program. When Spartan Blades released the CQB Tool, the price point was far above what Greg had envisioned. He wanted the blade+trainer package to be available to graduates of the course for around $130ish, if memory serves correct. Spartan did not/could not want to deliver at that range, so Greg went a different route soon after. Several manufacturers showed interest, but obviously Benchmade took it home. Best choice in my opinion.

    The blade has a very precise application. It’s not meant to open your UPS boxes or be carried in your back pocket as an EDC. I graduated his Basic Course in 2011 and we practiced with the trainer blade a ton. It flat out works for what it was designed for.

    FYI, I carry this every time I leave the house in an AIWB configuration. Sometimes it complements the shooting iron, sometimes it is the only piece of steel on me due to environmental considerations. I cannot recommend it enough for its intended use. YMMV.

  9. Ricky B says:

    This is a joke right? This design has been around since before the birth of Christ, do ya research fellas – clearly Greg did and now he’s trying to patent an idea that’s been in circulation like forever!!!

    CIMMERIAN BRONZE DAGGER, ca. 7th century BC

    Not cool, Benchmade and Spartan Blades you should be ashamed!


    • 032125 says:

      Calm your tits Ricky. Patent pending isn’t a patent; if this makes you that sandy call the patent office and yell at them.