Raven Concealment Systems Launches the TopStop

Carbines are kind of like Legos and if you’re like me, you have several uppers and lowers that can be combined to make different rifles. A few months ago Raven Concealment Systems handed me an oddly shaped piece of plastic. I turned it over and quickly realized what it was for. If you own a bunch of uppers, then you definitely need some of these.


The TopStop is a one-piece, snap-on cover for the upper receiver of a 5.56mm AR upper receiver. It is injection molded from high-strength nylon. It attaches over the bottom and rear of the upper receiver when the rifle is broken down, and keeps the charging handle and bolt group from sliding out of the upper. It also helps keep the dirty lube from dripping out of the upper and all over your hands and rifle case, as well as preventing dirt, sand, and other debris from getting into the receiver.


The TopStop is especially handy for shooters using HK 416’s, because of how easily the bolt group can spill out of the back of the receiver when breaking down the rifle for transport. In fact, if you let most uppers bounce around in a bag long enough, the BCG is coming out.


Like all RCS products, the TopStop is 100% U.S.-made, and is covered by their unconditional lifetime guarantee.


The TopStop costs $9.99. It is in stock and shipping now, and can be ordered from RCS.


12 Responses to “Raven Concealment Systems Launches the TopStop”

  1. BillC says:

    Another product filed under: Why Didn’t I Think of That?

  2. J_Jaxn says:

    Hmmmm, wonder if this will fit onto my M&P 15-22… ? :/

    • Tom - RCS says:

      Good question. I just tried it on mine. It’s tight on the 15-22.

      If you were to take a file and remove 1-2mm of material that rests against the FRONT take down socket I think it would fit without issue. The rear portion snaps over the BCG and rear take down socket perfectly.

      Hope that helps,


  3. spraynpray says:

    Black Dog Machine came up with this over two years ago. They call it the “Bolt Saver”

    • SLG says:

      Tactical Solutions (Tac-Sol) came out with this more than 2 years ago as well. Maybe in conjunction with BDM?

      • As I stated on our Facebook page when someone mentioned other products, this cover is unique in several ways:

        1) The TopStop is a one-piece design with no additional parts necessary to secure the cover to your receiver. This means there are no small parts to fall out or get lost.

        2) The TopStop can be attached and removed with one hand, to facilitate rapid assembly of the rifle (a requirement which was especially important for the end-user community we developed this product for).

        3) The TopStop is unique because it FULLY SEALS the upper receiver group, leaving no gaps for dirt to get into the receiver, or for lube and fouling to drip out of the receiver.

        4) The TopStop is made by RCS, which means that it is 100% U.S.-made. And when I say 100%, I mean that the part is injection molded in the USA, in an injection molding machine that is U.S.-made, using media and colorant that are both U.S.-made, in an injection mold cavity and base that were designed and made in the USA out of U.S.-made steel, and all of this was done by U.S. citizens that make well-above minimum wage and have full health benefits.

        Beyond that, I can’t speak for any other company’s product capabilities. All I can tell you is what makes OUR stuff kick-ass.

  4. SO1 says:

    Another product filed under: you have all the manufacturing and capital resources under the sun and this is what you put your time and energy into? Its all well and good, sure. But Im sorry if I think that there are more pressing matters to address with this platform than more convenient storage and transport. Just my 0.02.

    • SO1-

      We put our resources into developing products for serious end-users. Sometimes they are broad-spectrum products (like holsters) and sometimes they are niche items (like the TopStop). But I can assure you that we would not have invested the time, money, and effort into developing this if we didn’t feel it was a useful product. Also, it’s worth pointing out that this is just one of dozens of products that are under development at any given time within our company, so rest assured that if this one doesn’t ring your bell, another new product will be along shortly that might.

      Furthermore, given the fact that these products have been in use by various .mil and .gov entities for many months prior to us ever bringing them to the commercial market, I can assure you that those customers view this product as much more than just a “convenient” storage and transport tool.

      If you don’t see the usefulness of it, no one will force you to buy one. But for those that DO, it’s a pretty cost-effective way to retain and protect your bolt group.

  5. Chicago Steve says:

    I agree, nothing new (I have a joe bob’s outfitters version) but this appears to be of much higher quality.

    I don’t know if this is possible engineering wise because of the bolt carrier, but it might be nice to see one of these with an integral bore guide as well for use in cleaning. Food for thought?