SIG MMG 338 Program Series

The Mystery Cinch

When the Mystery Conch first came out, we created a quick video to show you how it works.

But Mystery Ranch has done us ne better and produced a great video that not only shows how it works but also how to install it.

Mystery Ranch | Mystery Cinch from Mystery Ranch on Vimeo.

The Mystery Cinch was designed to improve the comfort of nearly any pack over body armor. Now issued to every Marine as part of their new pack system, the Mystery Cinch routes a pack’s shoulder straps out of the user’s armpits and effectively marries the pack straps to the user’s armor. You can shoulder a weapon easier, blood flow to hands increases and overall comfort and fatigue levels are improved. When you’re ready to jettison the pack, simply unsnapping and pulling the quick-release webbing immediately releases the pack straps. It works for everybody, not just Marines.


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  1. Jeph4e says:

    It is awesome