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INVISIO V30 Specs from TEA Headsets

INVISIO V30 DC System1

We had a chance to see the new INVISIO® V30 at AUSA. It is simple, all-in-one headset system utilizing the utilizes the INVISIO® X5 dual in-ear headset for high noise environments. It is plug and play requiring no calibrating.

V30 User Configs

The INVISIO® X5 headset features the patented and proven bone conduction microphone. Speech is captured in the ear via vibrations from the user’s jawbone. These vibrations are converted into sound, delivering crystal clear communication under extreme and noisy conditions, even when whispering or worn under a gas mask.

TEA Headsets has created this ebrochure for their new INVISIO V30 that includes technical specifications, diagrams, configurations, etc.


(Click on image to view .pdf)

Note: Currently available for select military radios only (PRC 148/152)


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3 Responses to “INVISIO V30 Specs from TEA Headsets”

  1. Kango says:

    I sent TEA a email regarding this system two weeks ago. I didn’t get a reply in the time frame I was given. I thought, maybe they were busy at AUSA. But here I am two weeks later with no reply.

    I sent them a email about 8 months ago regarding another agency purchase with no reply as well.

    I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  2. Hans says:

    Do they have a adaptor to use a Peltor?

  3. There is a Peltor adapter for the step up INVISIO V60 system but not the V30 (it uses the X5 dual in-ear headset). If you need a single or dual radio push-to-talk to go with your Peltors we would recommend our Single or Dual Com U94 tactical Push-to-talk.