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How Can You Not Get A Kick Out Of This?



9 Responses to “How Can You Not Get A Kick Out Of This?”

  1. Mobious says:

    the one that never happens…. oh, because you can’t carry more than one of those giant mags lol. At least, it looks like a pain to have more than one of those 100 rounders. But yes I did get a kick out of this~

  2. bloke_from_ohio says:

    Debates on sutibility in real world applications asside, that is pretty awesome marketing.

  3. Scott says:

    I’m going to get one just to make Diane Frankinstine shit her pants !

  4. Doc B says:

    I see a 100-rd mag as a horrible thing to use, personally. If you get 20, 30, 40 rounds in and suffer a fail, you just lost the remainder of a huge store of ammo when you punch it out and swap.

    Oh, and if something really weird happens, like a gunfight, and you have to do something equally weird, like go prone, best of luck getting your rifle to go where you want it to.

    And last, though *certainly* not least, these seem to serve to identify people who are Toolshed Disciples, hardcore enough to make Home Depot blush and feel inadequate…

    • Andrew says:

      As with anything, there are different tools for different jobs. I don’t think the 100 round mag has any business in someones gun who will find themselves patrolling or on the move… Although there are many applications, I believe the two main apps are; Ariel platforms, and static positions. Reloads and manipulations are difficult enough under stress, but I couldn’t imagine hanging out of a helicopter trying to get a box in to a box. The additional rounds of the 100 rounder would be a huge advantage here, especially since the added length really doesn’t matter with shooting out of a helo. Now of course a belt fed would be best for this, but most LE agencies are never going to get one… As for my seccond use, s

      • Andrew says:

        (clicked submit too early) As for my second use in static positions, I believe this application is obvious. Whether you’re in a guard tower or behind a sandbag barricade or hesco wall running security for a FOB or COP; The 100 round mag could really be an asset should you take some heavy contact. You wouldn’t really be moving much, and there would be no need for prone here…

        If you’re going to be in more dynamic situations on the move and what not, I prefer to run the SF 60 round mag as my first mag in the gun, and the rest of the mags on my kit are 30s, as they are slim and low-pro… The 60 is about the length of a PMAG with ranger plate and therefore works perfectly as a mono-pod when I’m prone… Especially with plates on… That is just me though, as always your mileage may vary.

  5. Sean says:

    If memory serves, the 60-round mag isn’t much longer than a standard 30-round USGI mag. Either way, they aren’t reliable enough for me to trust them with my life.

  6. Kevin Larkin says:

    “Never happens” sounds awkward. “Don’t need” would be better.

  7. Bill says:

    What’s a loaded 100 round mag weigh? I doubt these are going to see much actual use, but when all the mods weigh more than the rifle….I’m also not sure that the average mag catch is gonna like repeated use….