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Sneak Peek – Improved MALICE Clips from Tactical Tailor


During a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest I has to opportunity to visit Tactical Tailor factory where I saw their injection molding machine pumping out 4 new MALICE clips every 45 seconds. But there was something different about these MALICE clips. I asked if I could share a few details and here’s your scoop.


The new design enhancements give the MALICE clip a slightly different look which sheds some weight. The curved design also makes it easier to thread the MALICE clip through webbing. Additionally, TT has changed the formula of the polymer to add strength yet give it a more flexible feel. In fact, the new model has already tested at over 20 times as strong as the current version and 40% lighter.


They’ve also been working to improve how they mount the MALICE clip to pouches. You may notice that here they are using a backer made from impregnated nylon.


Look for new the MALICE clips soon in both short and long sizes.


21 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Improved MALICE Clips from Tactical Tailor”

  1. Phil says:

    Glad to see TT staying competitive in this regard!

  2. defensor fortisimo says:

    I’m kind of curious about the pouches they’re mounting it on, that looks like kryptek

  3. vereceleritas says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like MALICE clips? I guess I’m just old fashioned but I find that they’re harder to install and much harder to remove than the old PALS/MOLLE straps. Maybe that was the point.

    • This Gentleman says:

      Im right there with you, I have always preffered integrated molle straps to things like MALICE clips. Despite the clips, I have always liked what TT has to offer and its good to see that they’re improving upon their mounting system.

    • bob says:

      I prefer integrated MOLLE straps like the system Blue Force Gear uses. However, if I’m buying a pouch without integrated attachment, I really have taken a liking to the MALICE clips. Once they’re on, they’re not going anywhere unless you want them to.

      Not ideal if you want to move stuff around alot. But if it stays put, MALICE is the way to go IMHO.

    • ST Doc says:

      I’m right there with you. Unfortunately it’s a licensing issue that prevents smaller companies from including it on their products. I believe BAE holds the patent on nylon straps with clasps for patch attachment. IFAIK the license is a large fee that allows for an unlimited amount of pouches. Anyone can buy MALICE clips at the price the manufacturer charges and use them with no fees.

      I do wish that BFG would license helium whisper at a more reasonable price. It’s the only good part about their pouches IMO.

  4. Ben says:

    When TT picked up the license to use Helium Whisper, I kinda hoped that it would be a death knell to MALICE clips… Unfortunately not, and now they are back in all their knuckle slapping glory and this time resplendent with serrated edges! ARGH!

    • SSD says:

      Those are not serrated. And, I think you’ll like the new finish.

      As for the Helium Whisper license. That was for a customer requirement and never intended to be across the board for TT?

      • Ben says:

        Aye, all joking aside they look like an improvement. MALICE clips have always been for me something of a necessary evil. They suck to thread on and off but when on, they don’t cause any issues apart from perhaps some flexibility/bulk on newer generation “super lightweight low profile” gear.

        I guess I do quite a lot of threading on and off based on the amount of photoshoots I do, but for the sensible, sane person, there’s no real requirement to shift stuff too much.

        I must have got the wrong end of the stick with the Helium Whisper system… Is it not a similar material used on these new backings?

  5. GW says:

    Well it would seem that there are fans of all systems. That’s what makes this Industry so exciting to be a part of. I can tell you that most of the issues that were addressed above have been solved with the new version, the edges are rounded, it makes the item field repairable, and it is much easier to weave. As far as the other attachment systems are concerned, TT will manufacture the product in the system that the customer chooses in larger quantities. We will interface with any company that we need to, in order to fulfill that need. We know that the Malice Clip is very popular and will continue to be. Thanks for the feedback, I really get a lot out of it.

    • ST Doc says:

      If I could throw in some feedback- I have one of your fight light triple M4 shingles on my rig. It’s a great pouch and I absolutely love it. Only thing is I wish it had come with 4 MALICE clips instead of 3. Since it occupies 6 columns, which ever side has a 2 column gap gets kinda squirrely when you try to reinsert mags. Just my 2 cents.

  6. steveb says:

    Kryptek pouches, YES!

  7. Lasse says:

    While I don’t use MALICE clips myself, TT has done a lot of the little gear guy shops. With a newer an lighter version they are even doing more. Thanks a lot for the great work TT, and that backing looks interesting and effective!

  8. paul says:

    I’ve had plenty of gear with malice clips over the years. Definitely bomb proof and last forever. Although, it does kill the knuckles!

  9. Jason says:

    MALICE clips are extremely easy to thread on if you use an 8-10″ piece of gutted 550 cords looped thru the slot on the end your threading. You can also use a small flat head screwdriver to help push the 550 cord thru some of the tighter MOLLE webbing, and then you just pull the MALICE clip thru; even works for the buckle at the end of the clip, once it clicks in, just yank on one end of the 550 cord to pull it out. This makes it very easy to put anything with MALICE on, including HSGI Tacos, which can be a notoriously tight fit for the clip.

  10. Jon Meyer says:

    Though my preferred and favorite method of molle system is TYR’s, TT’s MALICE is right behind. I have never had much of a problem weaving MALICE clips, these new ones look and sound much more manageable. I have to say the worst system by far is SPEC-OPS, just terrible.