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Tier One Summit Webinar

Dale Comstock and Scot Spooner

During the upcoming Tier One Summit Webinar, Special Operations Veterans Dale Comstock and Scot Spooner share their experiences in America’s premier Special Mission unit. During the webinar you’ll learn:

-How to build a culture of trust, accountability and autonomy. Boost productivity and profits by shortening the decision making process.

-How to strengthen your mind, master complex tasks through visualization, and accelerate learning exponentially.

-How to optimize your fitness level, regardless of age, and increase functional strength with performance based training.

-Proven strategies that accelerate the speed of goal achievement. Discover how to identify main efforts and create mind alignment throughout your team.

-How to train for the DELTA Selection course. You will get a 9 week program complete with diet plan.

-How to forge principal based leaders that maintain the quality and integrity of your company.

-How to quickly improve your performance in shooting, martial arts, and sport-specific skills.

-An easy way to improve your quality of life with proper diet and nutrition. Learn safe and effective ways to avoid chronic diseases, boost your energy level, and feel years younger.

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  1. Derek Zoolander says:

    that bald head and mustache is intimidating me