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Crye Precision Releases New MultiCam Patterns and Reinvents Website


Today, Crye Precision officially released four new variant camouflage patterns based on the ever popular MultiCam; Arid, Tropical, Alpine and Black. Each is designed for specialized use while the classic MultiCam transitional pattern continues to be great for more universal wear as it tends to blend into most any environment. While Transitional and Black are available for order now, Duro Textiles will have the other new patterns available for order soon.

One new feature you may notice is that the MultiCam family of patterns all feature branding embedded in the print.


MultiCam is the combat-proven solution for concealment when operating in widely varied and mixed terrain. While MultiCam is suited to an extremely wide selection of environments, we have developed three new patterns that are optimized for narrower areas of operation. These new patterns work well with the primary MultiCam pattern to meet the needs of these extreme environments, thus expanding the performance envelope of the MultiCam family to cover nearly every possible environmental condition. The MultiCam patterns can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to meet nearly any operational requirement.


The same user now has more system-level options. For instance, a MultiCam chest rig can be paired with a MultiCam Tropic uniform for a known jungle deployment. Similarly, a MultiCam vest and pack can be paired with a MultiCam Arid uniform for activity within an open sand and rock desert. MultiCam Alpine is best suited for any environment encountering significant snowfall, while MultiCam Black is designed to offer domestic agencies a distinct and authoritative presence suited to law enforcement operations.

The MultiCam patterns were developed to provide maximum effectiveness across diverse operating environments with a minimum logistical burden. The patterns all have distinct roles but are designed to work together as a system to meet the needs of nearly any operating environment, all while helping the wearer do so with the least amount of kit possible.

multicam patterns


MultiCam: The base – the original combat-proven pattern that offers the widest range of environmental effectiveness – ideally suited for apparel & gear that must be employed throughout mixed or varied environments.

MultiCam Arid: A pattern intended for open sand and rock – ideally suited for apparel when working exclusively in bright open desert terrain.

MultiCam Tropic: A pattern intended for deep verdant jungle use – ideally suited for apparel when working exclusively in a dense jungle environment.

MultiCam Alpine: A pattern intended for snow-covered areas – ideally suited for over-garments and gear covers when/where snow cover is present.

MultiCam Black: While not a geographically-based pattern, MultiCam Black gives law enforcement groups a sharp and authoritative presence suited to domestic L.E. operations where projecting a strong and distinct image is a critical concern. MultiCam Black is designed to complement a wide range of existing armor and gear colors (for instance, green or black vests both look well-matched when paired with MultiCam Black uniforms).


Along with the release of the new patterns, has been updated.

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124 Responses to “Crye Precision Releases New MultiCam Patterns and Reinvents Website”

  1. Eric says:

    Site crashed already!

  2. Eric says:

    Disregard it was refreshing GAME ON!

  3. Eric says:

    Apparently they are uploading the pages one by one some are still lagging on the servers and don’t show as existing yet.

  4. Shawn says:

    Anyone know if Crye will release these for the G3 Combat pants any time soon? I saw them pictured on their site but they aren’t on Crye’s site yet.

  5. ST Doc says:

    Site is totally down as far as I can tell.

  6. Eric says:

    It was up for about one minute then crashed, I got some screenshots and have to say they look very nice. SSD, if you didn’t get the shots I can send them to you.

  7. jjj0309 says:

    one hundred million chairborne commandos refreshing

  8. 11311311 says:

    SSD – Are these the patterns that Crye submitted for the Camouflage Improvement Effort?

  9. X 08 says:

    Does the Arid have branch line pattern in it?

  10. SSD says:

    We have been in contact with Crye and the server is chugging along although sluggishly. We have created a simple image to give everyone an idea of what the patterns look like.

  11. CRH says:

    Ahh and the great camo war rages on! Way to go there Crye-ptek, lets take the same pattern and recolor it 7 times and call it innovation, this is the thoughtless crap you guys have kept a secret for 3 years? Give me a break !

    • SSD says:

      Ummm, apparently the past three years and the US Army’s assertion that it required a family of camouflage patterns that shared common geometry but with specialist colorways was lost on you…

      • CRH says:

        LOL no that didn’t escape me at all, just wondered why all the secrecy when all they did was take multicam and recolor it, why not release this two years ago and take advantage of commercial sales. Furthermore why not look at changing up pattern geometry or print technology and actually come up with something cutting really cutting edge instead of regurgitating the same old stuff for the last decade?

        • Hue says:

          To keep OCP’s momentum as it’s already widely available both in COTS and military suppliers.

          These camos are meant to keep the “classic” MultiCam as already issued for PPE, whiel the new ones would only be made for clothing,

        • Lucky says:

          News flash Numbnuts… That’s how the camo evolves. Camo started with Joes painting their uniforms from Doughboy helmets right down to their Putees in the trenches so they wouldn’t get their ass shot off. But thanks for playing. You are now the asshole of the week.

          • Stefan S says:

            Lucky, They still got their asses shot off! It wasn’t called the war to end a wars for nothing. Going over the top meant death by a Maxim! Didn’t mean squat if you wore a cap or a camo painted helmet. They died by the boat load for inches of dirt. Your knowledge of history make you the idiot of the month!

            • Conway says:

              Shut up Stefan. It was the type of war those men were fighting that killed them, not their uniforms. No matter how much camo you wear, if the enemy always knows which hole you’re coming out of you’ll die, simple as that. Lucky’s knowledge of history makes you look like an ignorant asshole who just can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon and tear someone down, regardless of facts or common sense.

            • Lucky says:

              I was talking about the evolution of camouflage, not history and geopolitics. Fuck yourself Euotrash

  12. CanadianCivy says:

    “…green or black vests both look well-matched when paired with MultiCam Black uniforms”

    I read this, and this is the first thing that popped into my mind: *male, fashionista voice* Multicam balck is the new black! It’s sooooo stylish! *rainbows and unicorns flash pass*

  13. Rob K says:

    Eric and crew; are these patterns geometrically/dimensionally different, or just recolored versions of (normal) MultiCam?

  14. ScottV says:

    Multicam Black looks like it’s meant to blend in with oil slicks…

    • Stefan S says:

      When the sun comes up…everyone will say oh shit! quick hide! When caught in sunlight wearing Multicam black.

      • Matt says:

        It’s obvious it was designed for LE teams that can’t wear regular multicam for some ridiculous admin reasons.

        This does look good, and we all know that looking cool is half the battle.

        • JRoss says:

          #1 Always look cool
          #2 Always know where you are
          #3 If you dont know where you are, at least look cool.

    • Drew says:

      A lot of agencies are pushing away from “militarizing” their tactical units, so that offers something different than the traditional black.

      • CRH says:

        I dont understand that rational? Hey guys go ahead and wear ballistic helmets, plate carriers, and carry M4’s but don’t wear camo it makes you to “Militaristic” give me a break!

        • nf9648 says:

          Black is used because it frightens perps into submission when coupled with pyro and violence of action. If you enter and dominate a room correctly, you will know by the look in its occupants eyes.

    • DanW says:

      Those were my thoughts. If the Multicam family gets selected as the DOD-wide uniform, the black pattern may be a good option for maintainers and sailors at sea to hide the grease and oil spots.

      • Deadeye says:

        “Ding-Ding” we have a winner! That thought never crossed my mind, but it makes perfect sense. A whole family of colorways to cover just about any situation. All that’s missing is multicam gray (for urban ops) & multicam blue (looking at you Air Force).

      • mcs says:

        Wow, good point. That stuff would hide oil stains a lot better than the Navy’s blueberry camo or just about anything else, really.

  15. 10thMountainMan says:

    Dig the Alpine pattern. Will get some over-garments when somebody makes some.

  16. John says:

    I grabbed some of the images from the site and put them in a Dropbox album.

    • Nick the Brit says:

      Outstanding photos! Thanks for posting it is great to see it in an environmental setting. Is it just me, or do the jungle colours remind me a lot of DPM?

  17. Eric says:

    I wasn’t able to get too close of a look at the pattern to tell, the design is very similar but I don’t think it is a direct recoloring

  18. CAVstrong says:

    Any chance we’ll get to see images of uniforms (from truspec) anytime soon?

  19. Woody says:

    Only 6 people were able to see the new color schemes on the first day of the new Multicam website launch.

  20. Kris says:

    Lots of haters on here.

  21. adil says:

    Whatever it is would like to see how it works in environment. THis may not be pretty but if it works then it works.

    I am sure crye woukd have done their work. Let the facts speak for itself

  22. matthew says:

    now for the love of god will the army hurry up with these memos authorizing this stuff.

  23. Norbis says:

    Will this announcement have any bearing or does it give any clues on when us soldiers can start wearing Multicam to work (outside of the field and down-range)? In other words; does this indicate a change in the plan or timeline for wear/issue to the masses?

    One more question; is there still talk of the Army butchering (modifying) the “transitional/OCIE” pattern?

    Now for my comments, it looks pretty good. Im sure that it tested well and hats off to SSD for keeping it under wraps. Things like this is why SSD gets reliable information from reliable sources.

  24. jjj0309 says:

    Tropic one kinda reminds me of Czech woodland camo.

  25. Philip says:

    Airsoft commandos seem to have overloaded the servers…

    They were blowing up the Crye/MultiCam facebook page earlier today talking about “sweet loadouts” using this stuff as well.


  26. Freeman says:

    Any word if these will be authorized for wear in the Army after UCP is phased out?

    Either way, I still would have preferred US4CES.

    • Philip says:

      I always liked MultiCam; and although I admittedly had my fingers crossed for US4CES, after finally seeing the other patterns Crye had up their sleeve, I am very pleased with the end product. I think it will be a good decision should this indeed be the direction the Army implied it was moving in.

      If it involves me being able to ditch my ABUs, I’m on board with it.

  27. Matt says:

    The MC Tropic reminds me or the ERDL in its greener variant. Looks good. The MC Arid seems to be at least as effective as the AOR or MarPat desert. Not sure what folks expect. MultiCam was a revolution when introduced and so many clamored for it. Now it’s not cool and the tactical hipsters have moved on I suppose.

    I’m relieved that big Army finally got a dose of common sense and didn’t introduce another camouflage to the mess. Let’s get with our Brit and Aussie allies and Crye-oritize.

    And I like the. MCB Black. Haters.

    • Freeman says:

      To be honest, the tropic one is awesome. There’s a shortage of good tropical patterns, imho. The black looked stupid at first, but ok in those dropbox photos I just saw. So yeah, I agree with you. Anything new is good, especially since the industry will be leaner once Afghanistan is over.

  28. bulldog76 says:

    ive seen alot of haters on mr cramers facebook saying how these patterns are not going to be effective and is going to get soldiers killed …..goes to show you so people are open minded other are closed like a lock box

    • Guy Cramer says:

      Only one commenter said that and he was referencing the NIR (Near Infrared) reflection on Multicam (transitional) compared to US4CES. He was not talking specifically about the concealment in the visible spectrum.

      • Hoff says:

        Guy get the Air Force to pick up US4CES… just don’t let them turn it blue.

      • ST Doc says:

        I’ve followed all of your articles closely and they were very intriguing and loaded with great info. I’m just not sold on the whole doom and gloom, soldiers will die because MC sucks in NIR. My team mates and I have been scrutinizing our MC since the articles came out and we’ve concluded that MC works really well under NODs. I hope that ADS will release US4CES patterns for commercial sale (or at least unit or individual purchase). That way dudes could grab MC, Kryptek and US4CES sets and make their own decision.

      • Slim Cognito says:

        Mr. Cramer, under better financial circumstances, I think your camo would have won out. Your pattern is great, and has the science to back it up. I’m sure it will sell well once its on the market. I also think that it would be effective as an urban camo, if the colors were changed to match.

      • Angry Misha says:

        Guy Cramer, seriously, shut the fuck up. You lost. Go away

      • Slim Cognito says:

        Multicam Black got me thinking:

        I took us4ces OCIE wallpaper images, one changed to black and white to make an easy urban version, the other in its original colors and shrunk and placed in the center, like a plate carrier would.

        Then I took pictures from this site (because the various colors, angles and building materials)
        and placed the makeshift camo setup on top of it to compare.

        It is not perfect, but it if a PD or Fed. agency is going to spend our money for a “dominant” appearance for tactical units, why not use something that is physically AND psychologically effective? Thoughts?

  29. Clay says:

    Alpine looks good, but could use some light green. The best winter patterns I have seen have been green on white patterns. We already have overwhites.

  30. Chris says:

    Don’t know… I still think its missing the ability to create the perception of different depths, which is something US4CES and Kryptek did very well with their subtle shadowing and blurred / sharp focus contrasts respectively. But the colors look good, it beats ACUs and I guess it sort of saves money.

  31. Thomas says:

    This gives me an Army stiffy. I think that tropic patter will kill out here in the Pacific theater!

  32. Paralus says:

    So the site has the pics of the different patterns in use BUT all of their LBE is in plain ol’ MC i.e. transitional.

    • JEFF says:

      I guess you missed the Camo Improvement Effort, the whole idea was to have a family of patterns that would work in the desert, woods and the transitional while sharing the same OCIE pattern to simplify logistics.

  33. MAJSmith says:

    What are your opinions on the new MultiCam vs Kryptek? Side by side, which do you think works better?

    • ST Doc says:

      Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war. This question is like Pandora’s box.

    • jjj0309 says:

      Multicam is old and Kryptek is for gimmick.
      Pencott vs US4CES would be more worth to compete.

      • bulldog76 says:

        HAHAHAHAHA you funny

      • steveb says:

        Kryptek is no ‘gimmick’. Their patterns work extremely well, far better than any other US patterns I’ve tried. Now that Crye has the very dry and very lush environments covered, I’m sure their system will perform at least as well.

      • JRoss says:

        Haha, like that. Multicam is not that old and neither is Kryptek a gimmick, both are functional and modern (relatively), but I can see how someone could say that, made me laugh.

        The thought of a Pencott vs US4CES competition is interesting, sign me up for that. Both of those are incredible, and may find their way into my hunting wardrobe once they become readily available. Would be truly interested to see how that played out. Hopefully someone will make a video with them both soon. Im talking to you, airsoft geardos.

        • MAJSmith says:

          I like the point Chris makes regarding Kryptek’s ability to create the perception of different depths. I’m with JRoss in that I’m looking for something that blends into the woodland forests of Alabama. From the looks of it, MultiCam Tropic may be too green; same for Kryptek Mandrake. I would love to a side by side comparison.

          • bulldog76 says:

            well in tennessee kryptek mandrake seems to work fairly well but ill have to test the new tropic multicam to see how it works here

  34. paul says:

    I don’t think that it was as simple as “recoloring”. They still had to do a shit load of testing of different color pallets for each environment to get the best possible outcome.

    Arid and Tropic were the only two patterns Soldiers should concern themselves with. Even in the regular Army we will never/RARELY use overwhites, let alone BLACK.

    I see a lot of people who expected a whole lot more because they did not read what the solicitation was asking for.

    And regular Soldiers do not need to concern themselves with any other pattern (Krytek, US4CES, Pencott, ATACS, etc…). Save it for when you want to take a class or shoot at the range on your own time.

  35. Cimg says:

    SSD since army bought multicam rights and already “talked” about tweaking it, I assume they did not include these variants in that contract. Thus this will force army to buy these additional rights or stick to what they have and tweak it. I fear the later. Army please just buy COTS multicam variants!

  36. James says:

    Wow, nice job Crye… looks like the various shades were well thought out and will work across their intended enviroments… can not wait to get my hands on some samples…

  37. Andrew says:


  38. Chris says:

    I would have to say that tropic looks awesome, almost a woodland camo. To me the patterns are a good off shoot of regular multicam. While black is not piratical for concealment it does look good ( I personally think it could have used more gray). In addition your kit especially coyote works well with all.

  39. Bman says:

    I first thought the tropical version was too green for anything other than jungle locales but they call it tropical and not woodland which seems smart because the brown in the original Multicam makes it perform well in wooded terrain. One thing that I still don’t understand is how the tropical would have performed so well in the Army tests IF it is the same pattern. Looking at the original, you can see the 3D and shadowing effect the slugs have and the tans and greens blend in seamlessly but also seem to stand out against each other depending on how you look at it so its easy to understand why that can be so effective in real world use. Looking at the tropical version, I can’t see the same effects as well.

    • steveb says:

      The Crye camo philosophy is different than some others. The Crye patterns rely more on a blending effect than disruption (3D).

    • Jim says:

      I’d like to see how the Tropical performs in Northern Europe, amongst the pine trees, I’ve found our MTP is a bit too light for that environment.

      • Freeman says:

        It would probably be excellent in Northern Europe, because Danish M/84 Flecktarn has a similar colorway and performs very well, especially in the trees.

  40. Jon L says:

    So- Multicam makes cam that’s not multi.
    And it now produces camo that’s got black.

    A few years ago, The self same firm made much bluster in it’s marketing along the lines of ‘Environment specific camoflague is a thing of the past and a waste of time etc etc- Multicam works in all environments and all situations- yes, even that one you just thought of because it’s telepathic- it’s that good” {Note: may be a slight simplification- but that’s how it felt when talking to it’s many advocates}

    I also recall “No camoflague needs black as there isn’t any black in nature’ or some such bobbins on their website.

    My, the clock comes full circle, eh.

    • SSD says:

      I’m curious, can I see the camouflage you produced?

      • Andrew says:

        SSD, that’s a 5 year old’s response… all ‘Jon L’ did was essentially impeach crye with its own prior statement. A better response would have been proving that they never made any such statement. I expect more from you.

        • JRoss says:

          I thought it was funny, I laughed.

          But anyway, Crye says they have an all in one camo that works well in most environments. They actually deliver said camo. The Army asks for more variants. The Army gives Crye alot of money. Crye makes more variants based on their “true” multicam. Seems like a logical (albeit oversimplified and ignoring horrendous misteps along the way) sequence of events to me.

          As for Black, they acknowledge its not as much a camo as a professional look for police task force types, who traditionally wear black.

        • SSD says:

          Well, when all you want is one pattern, then MultiCam sure does the trick. In fact, it does the trick so well that all four finalist transitional patterns from Phase IV shared very similar color palettes. Considering MultiCam existed first, I’d say that was a testament.

          When the Army (and consumers) ask for more specialized patterns you give it to them. I really don’t see the issue here except from people who are just plain haters. If you want to hate, fine, hate. But at least point out something that actually makes sense. That babble is just silly. Crye isn’t the first company to offer multiple patterns and they certainly won’t be the last.

          It gets old, day after day, reading inane comments from armchair quarterbacks. Especially when those comments are based on nothing more than an uniformed opinion often based on a picture that may or not feature correct colors. I appreciate informed comments but pablum based on nothing more than access to an internet connection is tiring. It seems there are more and more people angry at the world and they want to hide behind a made up name on the internet and show the world just how big their ass is.

          If you know a thing or two about camo, share it. If you just want to make noise, expect to be called a derp.

          • Andrew says:

            SSD, outstanding response… Faith in you restored, happy holidays and congrats on another great year of coverage!

      • JRoss says:


    • mcs says:

      Pretty much what I was thinking…
      I see much confusion in the naming scheme with their MultiCam(s?).
      Of course one really can’t blame Crye, they’re just responding to market demands, but it is ironic.

      • SSD says:

        What’s confusing ?

        • mcs says:

          On the naming issue, it’s minor really, but could be bothersome with marketing and logistics.
          They’ve named all of their camo patterns after one of their camo patterns. They’re all MultiCam, but then what’s the transitional pattern called?
          It’s like when a fellow sits down at a southern diner and orders a “Coke” and the waitress asks whether he wants his coke to be a root beer, Sprite, Coke, or Pepsi. The category is named the same as one of the units it contains.

          • Freeman says:

            I don’t know about everyone else, but I will be referring to original Multicam as “Transitional Multicam” from now on.

            • SSD says:

              I prefer ‘MultiCam Classic’ but I don’t think Crye is too impressed with my preference.

  41. Will says:

    Well done Crye, these look great!

  42. m5 says:

    Multcam Alpine…? I see spruces in the background, just like here, but with the holy grail of snow camo (the Finnish m/05):

    Snowcamo is difficult, because the backdrop tends to be so variable, ranging from the uniform whiteness on the ground to the (possibly) snowless evergreen spruces in the background, and anything in between, varying from day to day with the weather. And keeping the snow camo white is pretty darn impossible for any lenght of time in the field.

    That said, Crye’s entry seems conservative, close to the all-white (overwhites) end of the spectrum. Personally I very much doubt whether it has anything to offer beyond the existing competition.

    • Timmay says:

      Nice pattern, but I wonder how you say “This is my safety” in Finnish?

      Couldn’t Resist.

      • m5 says:


        Very unprofessional, really, and I think that it’s originally a staged PR photo. PR never gets anything right, right?

        (If it had been an actual exercise, there would most probably have been blank firing equipment on the muzzle. If not, it would indicate a live ammo exercise, and then it would really suck.)

        That said, during WWII, the pointman on a patrol might walk, or even ski, with the selector of his submachine gun on auto and finger on trigger. Being able to open fire on sudded encounter or ambush was more of an safety issue.

  43. maresdesign says:

    Begun the Camo Wars Have

  44. CL White says:

    First company with a contractor hat in alpine can have my money.

  45. TWE0420 says:

    Is there 1 website that carries all these patterns?

  46. B31A says:

    Given Crye’s sluggish pace for getting product to market, (Crye’s version of a multicam smock comes to mind).
    How long will it be until we see clothing in the new color schemes , excluding black , hit the market?