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Blast From The Past – ‘Commando’

Love this movie…was watching “Predator” yesterday and it dawned on me that the events depicted in the movie took place in the country of Val Verde. That got me to thinking…and then “Bingo, it hit me!”…”Commando”


16 Responses to “Blast From The Past – ‘Commando’”

  1. Poltib says:

    I’m still wondering who made that tac vest for Arnie… It was so much ahead of it’s time!

    • SSD says:

      As I recall it was a Combat Equipment Sales vest and readily commercially available in its time.

  2. MilanWG says:

    Matrix: Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last?
    Sully: That’s right, Matrix! You did!
    Matrix: I lied.

  3. Mike Perry says:

    Notice whenever he pulled the trigger he never missed? Didn’t even have to aim!

  4. lcon says:

    Exacto rounds from Darpa they aim themselves!

  5. JEFF says:

    “Let off some steam Bennett!”

  6. Bman says:

    When my best buddy and I used to dress up in old used cammies and run around in the woods acting like we actually knew what the hell we were reading in the ranger handbook, he used Love reenacting scenes from this movie. That and “finest hour”. My favs were Navy SEALs and Platoon… Lots of fun and lots of dreaming.

  7. Mike Puckett says:

    Actually, The most recent movie in the franchise, “Preaditors”, stated that the events int the first film took place in Guatemala.

  8. Sgt E says:

    You guys know Commando was a documentary and not just an action movie , right?

  9. Patrick says:

    Don’t forget the prototype bottomless magazine he carried.

  10. Tim Mc says:

    This is the movie that made me believe that ever sporting good store or gun shop has a secret button that leads you into a room for adult toys not this wimpy stuff they sell to the general public but the really good stuff where you have to be good enough to have a secret hand shake or something.

  11. Chris K. says:

    Puerto Vallarta, where Predator was filmed, does tours of former movie set and locations. Great place for vacation.

  12. maresdesign says:

    We used to play a drinking game in the barracks while watching Commando – Take a drink every time Arnold kills a guy. Be sure to have lots of beer on hand.

    • Deadeye says:

      My brothers & I have a sort of similar game. Being Bears fans, whenever Martellus Bennett does something noteworthy, we shout out his name, Ah-nauld style.
      And with Earl Bennett, the opportunities double.