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LALO Tactical Footwear

Here are some product shots of the upcoming LALO tactical footwear line we showed you a few weeks ago.


16 Responses to “LALO Tactical Footwear”

  1. ScottV says:

    Interested to see a price-point and feature/material list.

  2. Brc says:

    Plus one to ScottV I would like to see just what makes these boots so awesome.

  3. john says:

    Looks like a great military boot, except the 1SG wouldn’t let you wear it as its non-compliant with the SMA guidance and regulation.

  4. Jack Harvath says:

    DO NOT BUY ANTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. The guy in this video is claiming to be a former SEAL with 2 platoons under his belt. In reality, he only did one platoon, and got a general discharge for poor conduct. After that, he became an instructor at Don Shipley’s “Extreme SEAL Experience” in Chesapeake, Virginia. After that, he stole Don Shipley’s idea and started Navy SEAL Academy (, which hasn’t been very successful.

    He is a liar and a fraud. Call 757-572-7203 if you want Senior Chief Shipley to tell you the whole story.

    • ScottV says:

      That’s troubling.

      • Ryan says:

        Lalo Roberti was with team 10 and was there Jun282005 when we lost the boys during OP RED WINGS. If you haven’t had the privilege of talking with the man, do so. He’s good people.

    • itsblue says:

      doesn’t Divine own There was a post there yesterday promoting LALO Tactical; maybe they’re all buds again.

    • Mike says:

      This is the exact same comment you posted earlier. Did Don hire you to fight his battles? If not, judge the boots on their merits rather than a facebook post. I have trained with Lalo and he is decent dude. I admire him for his service. Even if everything you say is true, how is that relevant to the boots? I cant figure that out. This has nothing to do with Extreme Seal Adventure. How does his discharge relate to the construction and design of the boots…it doesn’t. Find another hobby Mr. Internet Detective.

  5. Friend says:

    To the above comment… About “this guy” being a liar. Unless you know his personal story of loss, morning, struggle, dreaming, dedication and passion you should think think twice and not make such a claim. Think of honor and genuine effort of many many people and many years you are trying to squander. Have you ever had to collect sixteen of you military brothers and pieces of a helicopter you were on just before take off? Check the newspapers.. He was number 17. 16 men died… He lived because just before take off he was asked to switch choppers…. Originally the news reported he was dead too. He carries the survivors honer and grief for the lives he lost that day…. If you were ever in the service you should understand this. Furthermore if you were ever in the service you would understand the genuine desire and need for boots that wear like shoes… If the final tactical boots have the features I once saw in prototypes these could change the health and condition of many active and military feet alike…. Why make such a claim? If anyone takes the comment about “this guy” seriously I encourage you to not only do your research but look past personal grudges and limitations and review the benefits a product like this will have on active feet.

  6. shake says:


  7. amr says:

    this is my first time i see this model , Lalo seems interesting, i may consider to review it at my blog .

    thank you for you effort.