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SPECOPS.PL – Archer Magazine For The RADOM-SPORT Rifle – UPDATE

SPECOPS.PL has just released updated information on their upcoming ARCHER magazine for the RADOM-SPORT rifle.


So far, four 3D-printed polymer prototypes have been made and 500 rounds have been fired using these magazines with no structural failure. Based on this testing, an initial issue with adjusting the spring tension has been solved.


The magazines should enter production in 2014. The following versions are planned:

  • Polish-style FB Radom wz.96 “Beryl” / ARCHER in 5.56x45mm
  • AK-style in 7.62x39mm
  • AR-15-style in 5.56x45mm

    The ARCHER mags are to be designed with embedded RFID technology for logistical and forensic use. The mags will feature modular construction with a range of accessories offered. They will be available in Coyote, Black, Olive, and White with color-coded textile covers.



    8 Responses to “SPECOPS.PL – Archer Magazine For The RADOM-SPORT Rifle – UPDATE”

    1. Joe_momma says:

      You had me at “AR-15-style in 5.56x45mm” but lost me at “RFID”…. Why?why? Why!

    2. wheeler says:

      RFID technology for logistical and forensic use? I would like to know more…

    3. bob says:

      *puts on tin foil hat*

      RFID in the magazine? No thanks….

    4. bill says:

      RFID doesnt make much sense. Maybe in battlefield forensics, but not once in LE has the origin, by which I mean matching a firearm to a magazine was pretty simple: 99% of the time it was still in the gun, any other time there were circumstantial aspects or corresponding marks that paired them.

      I cant imagine the database needed to track individual mags; it’s hard enough to do in a small LE agency, let alone a monolith like the military. Besides, I’ve always thought of them as being consumables with a limited life span.

    5. Andrew K says:

      What does “with color-coded textile covers” mean?

    6. defensor fortisimo says:

      It’s interesting, I would have thought an archer magazine would be for a walther PPK, had ocelots printed on the side and be something you carry into the danger zone

    7. Kangur says:

      RFID – small no-battery chip inside each mag. You walk into an armory with a scanner and instantly can tell what is in stock. Think about it like an electronic serial number. Optional.

    8. John Smith says:

      well that’s cool. really cool. need a proof it’s working. just waitin’ for upcoming versions!
      Cl JS