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SPECOPS.PL Update For March 2016

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

ULPC-3 Plate Carrier


SPECOPS.PL’s latest plate carrier, the ULPC-3, has now been publicly revealed, after a major delivery to a premiere Polish SF unit in December 2015. The ULPC-3 is SPECOPS’ ‘ultralight’ tactical plate carrier, which builds upon the basic ULPC-1 design.


-Integrated, load-bearing system, capable of attaching to abseiling harnesses or safety ropes.
-Integrated, removable, comfort-pad system for better thermal comfort
-Integrated IFF ID system available in visible and IR markings
-all 2X500D DuPont Cordura laminate construction, laser-cut.
-full MOLLE / PALS compatibility
-detachable SAPI side pouches
-Integrated extraction handle

MBS-3 Uniform


The MBS-3 uniform has now been delivered to a series of Army and Police units in Poland since its original reveal in August 2015. The MBS-3 uniform is also available in fire-retardant DEFENDER-M version.

The MBS-3 uniform is being offered in the full A-TACS family of camo patterns (MBS-3 is available in most patterns on request). A-TACS LE remains a popular choice for PL law-enforcement, while A-TACS AU and FG variants are gaining popularity. One prototype of the MBS-3 was made in A-TACS IX transitional pattern, and has generated much interest from various parties.

Equipped.pl wrote up an extensive overview of the MBS-3 uniform, which can be read at the following link: www.equipped.pl/specops-mundur-bojowy-specops-mbs-3

Individual customers can purchase the MBS-3 uniform at: www.sprzetmilitarny.pl

Also, for our Polish readers, there’s an article in the latest edition of FRAG OUT! tactical online magazine – soon in English – of SPECOPS.PL’s company history:



SPECOPS.PL – MBS-3 Uniform Now Available

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel@SprzetMilitarny.pl

SPECOPS.PL has released the MBS-3 uniform that was briefly teased in our article on their MCS-1 Training Uniform. The following features are changes made in comparison to the old MSB-2 uniform:

  • 20% lighter weight due to new design technology and construction sequence
  • Reduced joint complexity,less layers of fabric in critical areas for better wear and lighter
  • New, aggressive cut, with signature “SPECOPS” logo-angels reemphasized
  • Designed to match ULPC-3 vest
  • Adjusted sizing chart
  • Improved access to all pockets and pocket retention
  • The features and details of the Pants and Shirt of the MBS-3 Uniform include:

    PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel@SprzetMilitarny.pl


  • Removal of the dedicated assault knife pocket on thighs
  • Simplified pants closure
  • Better adjustment and positioning of zipper
  • Asymmetrical crotch stitch line
  • Slant, reinforced belt loops for more aggressive look
  • Smooth cargo pockets expansion folds
  • Redesigned cargo pocket closure and internal organizers
  • Adjustable two-part D30 “HERO” knee pads
  • Adjustable knee pad retention with Velcro tabs
  • Redesigned field dressing ankle pocket
  • Reinforced Cordura insteps in matching color
  • Redesigned cuff adjustment tabs for closer fit
  • Redesigned rear seat pouches and closure
  • PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel@SprzetMilitarny.pl


  • Redesigned mandarin collar, for closer fit and abrasion-free adjustment
  • New chest pockets with smooth expansion slots
  • Laser-cut MOLLE-compatible arm pockets
  • Smother Cylume IRR arm pocket holders
  • Cordura-reinforced elbow pads in matching color
  • Two large, chest pockets with lightweight mesh panels for easy access when wearing body armor
  • Redesigned cuff adjustment tabs
  • Redesigned draw-cord retention
  • Redesigned shirt tail
  • Redesigned shoulder reinforcement layer
  • PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel@SprzetMilitarny.pl

    The MBS-3 uniform in NyCo Ripstop IRR comes in the following colors and camos: A-TACS AU/FG, MultiCam, and various solid colors. The fire-retardant DEFENDER-M version is available in: Black, MultiCam, and Olive.

    The MBS-3 uniform can be purchased by civilian clients via SPECOPS.PL’s Polish distributor www.sprzetmilitarny.pl.

    Additionally, SPECOPS.PL will be attending the MSPO trade show in Kielce, PL, September 1st – 4th. If you happen to be in attendance, give the crew at SPECOPS a shout.



    SPECOPS.PL – MCS-1 SPECOPS Training Uniform v.1

    Thursday, July 30th, 2015


    SPECOPS.PL has announced the MCS-1 Mundur Cwiczebny SPECOPS or SPECOPS Training Uniform v.1. Manufactured of 50/50 NyCo IRR, the MCS-1 consists of pant, combat shirt, jacket, and lightweight belt. The intent of the uniform is to provide a training garment suitable for close combat training, or for use in short duration, high intensity operations. It is lighter than a full combat uniform, and is designed to be form-fitting, featuring elastic inserts. The knees and elbows of the uniform are reinforced with matching 770dtx Cordura.

    The MCS-1 is available in the the standard range of camouflage patterns SPECOPS offers, including MultiCam and A-TACS.

    In addition to the MCS-1, SPECOPS.PL is gearing up to release the MBS-3 combat uniform and ULPC-3 ultralight tactical vest. The official release of both proudcts has been delayed due to a delivery to a European client, so for now all we can offer is a couple of teaser images of the uniform.

    Stay tuned for more info on these products as the official release draws near.


    An Update On SPECOPS.PL

    Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

    It’s been awhile since we’ve last heard from SPECOPS.PL, the Poland-based tactical gear company. They’ve recently undergone a major restructuring, and are now coming out even stronger for 2015. They are currently undergoing the following developments:


  • SPECOPS.PL has just launched a new Polish language website. English, Russian, and Finnish versions will follow shortly.
  • 5474_1

  • They are working on new ULPC-3 project – an ultralight plate carrier, based on laminates and laser-cut technology, as the successor to ULPC-1.
  • BS__6501

  • They are also working on a new MBS-3 combat uniform. It is a major improvement over MBS-2, and will come in the following versions:
  • – MBS-3 – heavy-duty uniform for SF operations
    – MBS-K93 – simple, light uniform for general infantry use.
    – LMCS-3 – ultralight, low-drag uniform for combat training and DA.

    Additionally, SPECOPS.PL is looking for new international distributors in Europe and USA – if anyone is interested, they can contact stopniak@gmail.com.

    You can follow SPECOPS.PL on:


    SPECOPS.PL – New Products In The ULPC Line

    Monday, March 24th, 2014

    SPECOPS.PL has further expanded their line of ULPC equipment. In the same vein as their Ultra-Lekki Plate Carrier, the ULPC series consists of laminate-based, laser-cut tactical bags, pouches, and belts with webbing-free PALS compatible mounting options.

    The newest additions to the line include the inclusion of a set of comfort pads to their ULPC plate carrier, a new version of their patrol belt with matching lightweight suspenders, and a dedicated leg panel. The line as a whole gives off a serious “Blue Force Gear” vibe.

    The ULPC line is available in MultiCam, Olive, Black, Desert, PenCott and A-TACS family of patterns. Manufactured in Poland, with a 3-year combat warranty.


    SPECOPS.PL – Archer Magazine For The RADOM-SPORT Rifle – UPDATE

    Monday, December 2nd, 2013

    SPECOPS.PL has just released updated information on their upcoming ARCHER magazine for the RADOM-SPORT rifle.


    So far, four 3D-printed polymer prototypes have been made and 500 rounds have been fired using these magazines with no structural failure. Based on this testing, an initial issue with adjusting the spring tension has been solved.


    The magazines should enter production in 2014. The following versions are planned:

  • Polish-style FB Radom wz.96 “Beryl” / ARCHER in 5.56x45mm
  • AK-style in 7.62x39mm
  • AR-15-style in 5.56x45mm

    The ARCHER mags are to be designed with embedded RFID technology for logistical and forensic use. The mags will feature modular construction with a range of accessories offered. They will be available in Coyote, Black, Olive, and White with color-coded textile covers.


    New Magazine Under Development for the RADOM-SPORT

    Monday, November 25th, 2013


    Coming 2014 from SPECOPS.PL is a new magazine for use with the .223 ?ucznik family of sporting rifles – RADOM-SPORT aka “ARCHER”. Made in Poland.

    SPECOPS.PL – ULPC Series Of Equipment

    Friday, November 22nd, 2013

    SPECOPS.PL has released a line of ‘ULPC’ equipment. In the same vein as their Ultra-Lekki Plate Carrier, the ULPC series consists of laminate-based, laser-cut tactical bags, pouches, and belts with webbing-free PALS compatible mounting options.


    ULPC range is available in all SPECOPS camo patterns and solid colors. Manufactured in Poland, with 3-year combat warranty.