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A Jungle Boot Option Coming From 5.11 Tactical


Coming July 2014 is a Jungle Boot from 5.11 Tactical’s Skyweight line, The Skyweight RD (rapid dry) was designed as a breathable, quick dry boot featuring a full PU microfiber combined with 1200D nylon upper. They’ve also integrated 4 drain holes (2 per side). The Skyweight RD weighs in at 14.7 oz for a size 9 boot.




30 Responses to “A Jungle Boot Option Coming From 5.11 Tactical”

  1. ZMP says:

    If only they used a name-brand sole and made them resoleable….

  2. Brc says:

    Whats so different from the recon boots they already make?

  3. 68WF2FlightDoc says:

    If only they made them flight approved. Aviation is always left out of new designs. We need better boot options

  4. Freeman says:

    Awesome! About time we got a modern jungle boot. Next, I want to see the truly high quality manufacturers stepping up to the plate with some boots actually made in America.

  5. jjj0309 says:

    Looks like recon desert with drainage holes. Thank god I’ve already own OTB desert lite because it was best tactical jungle boot ever since New Balance discontinued all OTB tactical footwear lines few weeks ago.

    • SmithyJ says:

      What? Got a source for this? Have been wearing desertlites for years

      • jjj0309 says:

        I hadn’t seen any official announcement from NB but It’s pretty obvious i think. Because all the tactical boot pages are removed from NB official website and soon after many of tactical distributors started closeout sales or deletion on OTB boots.

  6. Strike-Hold says:

    I bet we’ll see several new “jungle boot” options at SHOT.

  7. Somaro says:

    For hell…
    This is 5.11! You Americans make good-looking shoes and boots to look cool. And not for great walks and hikes. Sorry to say that but the american-asia boots from 5.11, Blackhawk, Tru-Spec, Bates, Original SWAT and others are all crap.

    Buy a good german boot, for example the Haix Airpower P9 or the Meindl Jungle Boot and you will lucky the rest of your life. Nothing like it.

  8. Dev says:

    Would a smooth, polishable leather be a better option rather than suede for jungle boot use?

    Seems like most South East Asian militaries issue those instead.

  9. Doc says:

    Not happy with the big 5.11 logo in bright orange. Won’t be able to wear these around reg thumpers.

  10. Alan says:

    “Jungle” boots in tan. Tan suede at that.

    Having operated in jungle environments, I see too many people are still stuck on sand,Middle-east/Desert type areas.

    • SSD says:

      If you read the story, you’d know it’s not suede. And, until the Army announces a new boot color, expect companies to continue to introduce Tan boots.

      But that is an aside. These are really more of a Coyote and you probably don’t know this but we fought (and won) WW II wearing brown suede boots, even in the jungles of the Pacific theater.

    • Buckaroomedic says:

      I agree with the basic premise of your argument. Not ever having used a “microfiber” boot, it will be interesting to see how these hold-up in a true jungle environment.

  11. Buckaroomedic says:

    As a person who has spent considerable time in the jungle while in the Army. I feel these boots would be the worst thing to put on one’s feet. I’ll withhold my judgement on the “microfiber” material (it might actually work well in the hot and wet environment), but those soles will kill you. They will cake-up with mud and debris after two steps and it will be like walking on ice.

    The best boots for the jungle, IMHO, are good ol’ fashioned USGI Jungle Boots. The Panama tread really works in it’s intended environment.

    • SSD says:

      I agree on the Panama sole. It’s too bad the US abandoned it.

      • Buckaroomedic says:

        Concur. My next pair of jungle boots will be Alt-Berg’s Jungle Panama Classic. A little pricey, but have heard great things from some UK MOD type folks about them.

  12. Dan says:

    will they be making it in a wide? So far none of their new shoes have been offered in wide. Please dont for get about us with wide feet!!!!!

  13. OmegaDR says:

    Ditch the Orange logo and the 5.11 imprinted on the soles. Just what you need to leave a positive ID in wet sand and loose dirt.