SUMA Survival Kit from Solkoa – Available Now at Austere Provisions Co

The FastFire SUMA Pro Survival Kit is a professional grade survival kit by Solkoa has traditionally only been available to government clients. I’ve seen the kit in their booth at SHOT Show and asked every year if it would be commercially available. Finally, they’ve added it to their commercial line, FastFire. It comes packed in a SUMA Container along with an Emergency Blanket, and two individually packaged FastFire cubes.


The SUMA container (2-1/2″ x 4″ x 1-1/2″) is machined out of billet 6061 aluminum, which makes it four times lighter than stainless steel and half the weight of titanium. Hard anodized it is suitable for cooking or to boil small amounts of water for purification and can also be used for digging. I know a lot of guys who use these on the job modify the containers by applying sticky Velcro to the lid and attaching a flag or other near recognition symbol to the face.

The packed SUMA Container includes the following items:
– (1) Compact multitool wrapped in a section of inner-tube to suppress noise from rattling
– (1) 3.5″ Carbon steel hack saw blade
– (1) LED Coin type light with lanyard
– (1) P-38 Can opener
– (1) Ferro rod
– (1) Signalling whistle
– (1) Signalling mirror with reflective tape
– (1) Magnifying lens
– (1) Compass, oil filled coin type
– (1) Baggie, zip type
– (1) Pill bottle, amber
– (1) Wire, 24″ length
– (10) Matches, NATO type with striker (individually wrapped)
– (4) Tinder, Cotton wool type (individually wrapped)
– (2) Safety pins, Small
– (2) Safety pins, Medium
– (6) Water purification tablets
– (1) Roll of high strength braided line
– (1) fishing kit, assorted weights, hooks, and float
– (1) Tape, Duct type 2″x24″ tan
– (1) Needle, sewing type with cover
– (1) Pad, clean medical type appr. 2″x2″ (individually packaged)
– (1) Triple antibiotic ointment, 0.5g packet
– (1) Pencil with attached eraser
– (5) Weather resistant paper

I cannot recommend this kit enough after purchasing one earlier this year from Austere Provisions Co. Oftentimes I am approached by friends and asked about survival kits. Granted, the best advice is to make your own, but many lack the time or experience necessary to assemble a kit that has just the right amount of “stuff.” Some will keep adding and adding to their kit until it’s too big. Others will leave out a critical item. Solkoa has assembled an excellent kit that you can add to your equipment. Whether carried on a first-line belt, in a pack, or the trunk of a car, it’s a great insurance policy. If anything, you’ll find that it makes an excellent base to add to, as you learn more about what works and doesn’t work for you.

I’ll add one word of caution; practice. Become familiar with your kit, no matter whether it’s the SUMA, a kit from another company, or one you’ve made yourself. The last place you need to become familiar with your kit and how it works is when you really need it. Learning how to start a fire when you’re already cold, tired and hungry is a recipe for disaster. The packaging of the SUMA is well suited to opening the kit and repacking as well as customizing.

The SUMA Survival Kit is available now with Black or FDE case from

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2 Responses to “SUMA Survival Kit from Solkoa – Available Now at Austere Provisions Co”

  1. Ron Dignard says:

    I got mine from Rampart….keep it in the car, great kit.

  2. Trae Clanton says:

    I agree with what you say about the importance of, not just having some kit; but being familiar with it. Side and out. I am never short of amazed by the number of people who don’t carry a survival kit. A survival kit, is just that. The contents of a kit for North Idaho where I live, would be different from a kit developed for New Mexico.
    Keep up the great work.