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EGL Design Influences For 2014

Extreme Gear Labs posted a teaser image if design elements they are taking cues from in 2014. Recognize any?



3 Responses to “EGL Design Influences For 2014”

  1. Lasse says:

    SADF M83 chest rig, Niemoller webbing/beltkit, Fereday and Sons FAL/G3 chestrig (or some other Rhodesian-built rig), 4th is the same as the 2nd, some IDF rig and an unknown rig (guessing SA/Rhodesian or Arktis).

  2. shots&Pots says:

    All solid colors…. I’m happy with everything about this teaser.

  3. mrf2 says:

    Fourth is the latest Niemoller rig issued to the South African Recces and the last is a Niemoller vest with an extraction harness. Lasse has everything else nailed.