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Honor Point USA Limited Edition Bomber Hat


Honor Point’s Bomber Hat is based on the vintage military issue design from the 1940s, made with the same quality and specification as the original issued gear. It is genuine fleece lined for maximum comfort and cold weather warmth. Supplies are limited, so get yours while you still can.

Available in Kryptek Mandrake, MultiCam, and Navy AOR pattern, sizes Medium, Large, and X-Large. Made in the USA.


11 Responses to “Honor Point USA Limited Edition Bomber Hat”

  1. Kyle says:

    Anyone no if they come in the desert AOR or woodland AOR?

  2. Kris says:

    I bet the AOR pattern is the last to sell out.

    • Erik says:

      That, or the first. Would be interesting to see the whole cadre on gator beach wearing them with class winter….

  3. straps says:

    Large already gone in all colors? Or still in QC?

  4. Jim says:

    Bomber hat huh? Better than the name us Brits give the type…DILAC hat,

  5. KaosKydex says:

    The hats are medium/large, and large/extra large.
    The AOR is AOR1(desert)

  6. bill says:

    Well i got mine in the mail today and they sent the wrong size. Quality wise its not that great the Velcro doesn’t line up and the stitching is not very good.