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Mykel Hawke Knives Hawkchete


The Hawkchete is a collaborative product between Mykel Hawke Knives and Condor Tool & Knife. It’s manufactured by Condor in the same factory as their machetes. The Hawkchete features an 18 1/8″ carbon steel blade with black epoxy coating. The handle is Condor’s own santoprene handle with rubber inserts and a lanyard hole. The Hawkchete comes with a nylon belt sheath with plastic inserts.


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13 Responses to “Mykel Hawke Knives Hawkchete”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Condor? The cheap gear company Ewwwww?

  2. Mandingo says:

    Condor Knife is a different company. But they are to crap knives what the other company is to crap nylon.

  3. Luke says:

    double-edged machete? no thank you.
    another cheap import with another survival-guru’s name stamped on it? double no-thank-you.

  4. Stuart Neilson says:

    Just looks like a buggered up kukri. I’ll stick to my un-buggered up kukri, thanks.

  5. Travis M says:

    I hope the straps are replaceable, I can foresee the back edge slicing through them if you aren’t careful.

  6. thomas says:

    Has there ever been anything wrong with a normal machete? There’s a reason it’s been around as long as it has.

  7. john says:

    This is surprisingly close to a combat ginunting(Philippines marine recon issue)
    If you train in Kali you’ll know it’s effective.

    • Zig Zag says:

      It only resembles a ginunting in that both have a sharpened portion on the spine, whereas the ginunting is a sleek tool that can also be used for stabbing thrusts, etc, the Hawkchete looks like a sad version of machete/kukri mash up. Would be interesting to see reviews of this however to get a better idea of how it performs…

  8. Desert Lizard says:

    I can’t see the edge on the back being needed but I can picture it causing injuries at very inconvenient times.