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Coming Soon from Costa


Something is coming soon from Costa.


20 Responses to “Coming Soon from Costa”

  1. Tim mc says:

    He’s going to team up with Duck Dynasty…

  2. Ammoman says:

    Costa Edition Just for Men tactical beard dye

  3. Sgt E says:

    Is that his little brother behind him or something?

  4. Danke says:

    Costa Halloween costume?

  5. Josh says:

    Costa movie?

  6. Danke says:


  7. TCBA_Joe says:

    “Art of the Dynamic Service Dog”?

    “Make Ready With Chris Costa: Service Dog”?

  8. Costa Black his new bdu color

  9. Darius137 says:

    Art of the dynamic who cares he is a non-military competition gun guy that is making everyone adopt silly competition stuff and helping mall ninja cops pretend they’re tactical so they can stack up and storm houses with AR-15s.

    • Jbgleason says:

      Yes. Because ex-military guys are the ONLY people capable of teaching anything. Mall Ninja Cops can’t be tactical, don’t ever face dangerous situations and are too “militarized”. Don’t forget that competition shooting has never brought anything to real shooting. Except those pesky electronic sights, speed reloads, the isosceles stance and most of the other things involved in modern combat shooting. Blah, blah, blah.

      Jesus dude. I am no Costa fan boy but he can definitely run a gun and if people want to go learn from him then let them. If he misrepresents his experience or teaches something stupid that is on him.

  10. Tobse says:

    Does anybody else notice a certain likeness to Ali G, the Sacha Baron Cohen character?

  11. Danke says:

    Sacha copied Costa. He spelled it out in his book.

  12. T says:

    Costa Ludicrous(I mean, Ludus) presents: ” Costa Edition Dynamic Stare-Amplifying Tactical Goggle”
    Available In: Multicam, Anything Kryptek, Wolf grey, OD Green, Foliage, Coyote Tan, Desert Tan, Ordinary Colors, Pastel Colors, Tactical Pastel Colors, Obscure Foreign Camo, Black, Tactical Black…

  13. Danke says:

    Sorry; national snarky day here.

    At least it’s mostly lighthearted.

  14. Mike Nomad says:

    When you get that popular, it becomes… the costa doing business?

  15. Matao says:

    Shooter is a shooter, no matter what your background or gear preferences.

    I for one wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of his carbine.