Advanced Armament Corp Naga Hoody


Advanced Armament Corp has taken the classic Arc’teryx Naga hoodie in Wolf Grey and embroidered the AAC ‘Xguns’ logo on the right shoulder and Blackout logo on the right chest. If you’ve been looking for a reason to own a Naga, AAC’s offering may just be that reason.

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7 Responses to “Advanced Armament Corp Naga Hoody”

  1. NotDumb says:

    Hell yeah!

  2. carrie buss says:

    I really wanted to order one of your Naga hoodies for my husband for Christmas and you are out of them in every size. I didn’t know about them until I saw them on Facebook and then couldn’t get one. Disappointed. 🙁

  3. carrie buss says:

    Yes I tried yesterday and again today, unless I’m not going to the right place. I have been trying through advanced armourment.

  4. Riceball says:

    Just tried it and it worked for me.

  5. carrie buss says:

    Ok I feel like an idiot, didn’t know I had to click on the color button to be able to order it! Got it figured out, my husband will be getting one for Christmas! Lol