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SOMA – NARescue

With the curtailing of live tissue training for the US military, SOMA was wall-to-wall manikins. But for me, one stuck out. North American Rescue has developed a full line of Combat Trauma Simulators that replicate typical injuries experienced on the modern battlefield. Developed by a former Combat Trauma Surgeon, the line consists of five hyper-realistic manikins that simulate different wounding patterns, ranging from facial trauma to amputation. Each manikin is anatomically correct, featuring a five liter blood reservoir in the chest for bleeding. The internal skeleton is supported by airplane cable and an untethered remote control system regulates simulated breathing and other signs of life. Each manikin has Dragon Skin (not the armor system) a rugged silicone based material that also demonstrates realistic tactile response. The manikins are water resistant, making difficult training situations like inclement weather possible. Training capabilities include tourniquet application, wound packing, burn treatments and bowel evisceration.

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5 Responses to “SOMA – NARescue”

  1. Eric B says:

    For anyone who has done both live-tissue and manikin-based training, how do they compare? I realize that most live-tissue training is coming to an end and the manikins are the way of the future, I’m just curious about how they stack up as of now.

    • sean s says:

      They don’t even compare. Live tissue training is the best training I have got to experience yet. Nothing is able to compare to it. The training dolls I have experienced are all pretty much the same routine. Versus having a instructor walk up and and just randomly slice a artery, it can’t even compete.

  2. straps says:

    Real Doll skin. Not sayin’ how I know.

  3. Sal says:

    lol @ dragonskin.