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Now Looks Like It’s US Army SF’s Turn


This baby hails from Will County, Illinois. I can’t tell if the crest says “De Oppresso Liber” or not but if it does, I’m sure someone will see some irony in it.

Thanks SGM (R) Davenport!

This is the logo in question.


80 Responses to “Now Looks Like It’s US Army SF’s Turn”

  1. matty says:

    Are you shitting me? http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7039/6947879965_768b2d9c01_o.jpg This is the logo on the side.

  2. matty says:

    It says Special Operations Group on the top of the crest and then Will County Sheriff Police on the bottom.

  3. Kevin Larkin says:

    Reminds me of the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle!

    • MED says:

      Why’d the chicken cross the road?
      To get from the left to the right
      He stepped out of rank, got hit by a tank
      He ain’t no chicken no more

  4. Joe says:

    Wtf is wrong with these wanna be commandos?

  5. jellydonut says:

    what the actual fuck.

    this is creepy.

  6. Woody says:

    Now they just need to add a pawprint to their stolen emblem.

  7. Matt says:

    Everyone knows the cops always wanted to be firefighters.
    Looks like a subdued fire dept. heavy rescue truck.

  8. Bob says:

    Looks like a Smeal heavy rescue. Why in the hell do that need that?! I live in Will County and was part of EMA for a while. They have the nicest TOC in the state. Now this? For SWAT?! Why?!!

  9. Steve says:

    War with Cook County is coming–mark my words!

  10. Doc18D says:

    I’ve seen this sort of thing quite a bit, look at Detroit SWAT insignia, folks love to jack the VG 42 dagger and crossed arrows

  11. Badjujuu says:

    And the threat is Will County IL is what exactly? This is laughable. I live two counties over. Waste of tax payers money. But hey in IL we’re use to it.

    • matty says:

      All the terrorists with RPGs and IEDs! They’re everywhere and they’re coming straight for us!

  12. Badjujuu says:

    The law enforcement is getting ready to start collecting the Affordable Care Act taxes from people who refuse to get health insurance. Coming to a neighborhood near you 01JAN2014

  13. Andrew says:

    I lived in will county before enlisting. I swear to christ, they’re trying to turn illinois into a police-state. So many stupid fucking laws.

    • Doc B says:

      Just remember to keep your FOID card someplace safe, like next to your free speech permit…

      • Badjujuu says:

        Apparently you can only enjoy free speech if you’re unemployed. Otherwise you can get fired by your employer for simply expressing your personal views and beliefs.

    • Crustyrusty says:


  14. Tim says:

    I would like to know their definition of “Special”.
    Discrete is not a part of it I guess.

    • Ed says:

      I thought everyone “special” rode the short bus. This one looks too long. Besides, there are not enough windows to lick.

  15. Kevin K says:

    These guys are legit, every bit as good as SF from what I have seen. They aren’t Embarassing that crest by any means.

    • Badjujuu says:

      Except that they are not in SF.

    • dude says:

      Sarcasm I recognize that.

    • Doc B says:

      The SF crest won’t be embarrassed by much of anything – given that it was earned by a collection of people who’ve repeatedly been called on to execute deeds that no cop has ever been called upon to perform, and will never be called upon to perform. Ever.

      And, imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

      I hope that you meant the cops are as good as people, because I’m certain that at least those officers’ mothers will enthusiastically agree with you on that front, as will I. If, however, you meant something else…well, to put it nicely, you lack education in the appropriate arena.

      • Bman says:

        Once again, the most bitter police hater in the room. Apparently my last post wasn’t enough to enlighten you. I personally know of no less than 3 former rangers, 2 retired SF guys (1 is a long time CIF guy), and 2 SEALs that are now just dumb ole cops that can’t hit their targets according to you. I know of a former delta guy and devgru guy that became cops as well. Howard Wasdin was the devgru guy, ask LAV who the delta guy was as he was on the Kurt Muse op. Until then, get a life and stop hating.

        • Badjujuu says:

          So, for any civilian law enforcement department that has former Ranger, ODA or NSW employees now – we should be able to accept their unlimited funding of “cool guy” gear including but not limited all kind of militarized gear, including Mine Resistant Ambush Protective vehicles disregarding completely the level of threat they face from the areas that are responsible for. Please, enlight me. What threat comes from anyone from either Will County or Kankakee County Illinois that the law enforcement need this?
          And is there no creativity left in the world to create your own logo? But to “borrow” one from a group of elite war fighters who went thru a gruel selection to earn the patch? Which is now slapped on the side of some makeover firetruck disguised as a “Special Operation Group” from Will County Sheriff in Illinois?

          • Bman says:

            No problem. I am willing to bet if you add up all of the budgets of the most well funded law enforcement agencies it would barely cime close to matching the least funded military branch. MRAPs being given to agencies are for free. Trust me, they aren’t paying for that out of local tax payer money and the reason they are free is because of the military’s lack of frugality. They are simply used to having tons of money so they don’t mind giving stuff up for free so when the cops need something that stops bullets for officer rescues, citizen rescues in in a kill zone, crushing a suspects car so they can’t flee from barricaded house and generally getting closer to a an armed bad guys house safely, they look for the cheapest solution possible and thats a free MRAP. They use them to get people out of flooded areas as well while not using them for swat functions. So now that you are enlightened, are you a little less bent out of shape about the NOT buying cool guy gear? As for this bus, these have been in big agencies forever as mobile command centers in case dispatch centers and all can’t handle the job by themselves. On a busy scene, this would house the SWAT commander, negotiation team, some fire rescue guys, some possible family members to help with negotiations, a weapons locker possibly, several radios, dozens of maps and white boards and other things that you would available on a swat call out.

            • Badjujuu says:

              I will agree with you that some MRAPs are given to the law enforcement for free. But, you know as well as I do that there are plethora of SWAT vehicles that did not come from military surplus, nor were ever used by the military. Examples are all over – a simple Google search will identify those for you.
              In regards to vehicles given for free – I will use an example from a neighbor of Will County – Kankakee County; They received a MaxPro, sure it was free but then they used their funds to equip the vehicle with all kinds of electronic bells and whistles, ram systems etc. As well as a awesome freaking paint job, you’re know so everyone knows how awesome the Kankakee Sheriff is rolling down the street to a bad guys house.
              I work in Kankakee County and besides couple not so good neighborhoods it’s mainly farming County. So what is the threat? Farm and Fleet ran out of fertilizer? Are they facing RPGs? IEDs? VBIEDs? Is the situation in CONUS is so bad that there is a dire need for such equipment in local law enforcement hands? And if the argument is that the good guys need to be one step ahead of the bad guys why don’t we just give the civilian law enforcement AT4s, Mk19s, M240Bs, why don’t we throw in a Abrams while we’re at it. I am sure these are out in some field rusting away.
              Day by day the gap between civilan law enforcement and military is closing. Some see it as a positive thing, some don’t. I am on the skeptical side. Each time I see a picture of a SWAT Team I ask myself what Foreign Army is this? Then I remember, it’s a local SWAT team.

        • matty says:

          Does being a former Ranger CAG or DEVGRU guy make you a good cop or a good shooter? I work with these guys and a lot of them are fucking outstanding operators but these aren’t the type of men who should be cops. They’re trained to eliminate threats with extreme prejudice. Cops shouldn’t be about that. I’m not saying to disarm them or they don’t need body armor or anything but there is a line between enforcing and upholding the law and being a SF/RANGER/EOD/SEAL/CAG/TRIGGER PULLER.

          • Jon C says:

            Has to be one of the dumbest statements on Earth.

            Matty, you have absolutely no clue what any of those people are trained to do.

        • Doc B says:


          1) I am not bitter, and I don’t hate the members of too many entire professions. I just happen to look at reality, however unpleasant.

          1a) I never called cops dumb, or old, so there isn’t any “according to me” to address, here. Once again, you’ve made stuff up.

          2) I frequently remain unenlightened by posts containing a large quantity of horseshit. I’d love to see, as an example, substantiation of your claim that 50% of cops are prior .mil. Oh, and perhaps we can drill that down further and look at the weapons quals I was addressing in the first place.

          Now, then, on to the present subject matter, if I may:

          Really, not much to say, here. I don’t give a squirt of urine what a guy on a police force once did, regardless of the entity for whom they used to do it – (s)he is a police officer, now, and should be situationally aware of that fact. Emulating the .mil at every idiotic turn, is NOT situational awareness. Indeed, it is a very pronounced form of denial.

          The list goes on. Shall we discuss misplaced SWAT raids? Innocents harmed by police gunfire? Cops wearing ACU voluntarily, to project an image of being something that they are not? Using insignia of properly famous .mil units for the same purpose?

          These are truncated examples. This isn’t my board and it ain’t the place to carry on and on. That said, I work with cops on a daily basis. I shoot with them, most of the year, about weekly to monthly. I go out with many to eat and/or drink with a fair bit of frequency, and they are all aware of my opinions, and where they come from. Many agree with them – mostly the prior .mil guys, ironically.

  16. Lcon says:

    Someone Watched that SWAT movie to much.

  17. Badjujuu says:

    It wouldn’t be surprising if this was part of Cook (aka Crook) County. But Will? Jeez.

  18. Steve Best says:

    I know its a bit much but have ever tried to get Hooters girls to pose with your machine guns in front of your old raggedy repainted Pepsi delivery truck? It ain’t happening. They won’t even come outside the restaurant. But you pull up in a badass All American photo opportunity backdrop like that and panties are dropping. Thats what the taxpayers want. A panty dropping post apocalyptic super swat death ride Cobra Command command post like this one. I can almost see the overweight deputy squeezing his gut behind the wheel. I do think though that they got ripped off by the manufacturer. I don’t see any handrails and step rails to hang off of on the way to the call out. Everybody knows thats the only way to be badass.

  19. Ken says:

    I’m really sicjk and tired of this crap. Here is Newington, CT’s swat team logo. Notice any similarities?


    • Badjujuu says:

      Oh wow. Yeah. Cause these guys are soo bad ass they need a Navy Seal logo look alike.

    • Bman says:

      That is a generic swat logo and anyone who knows a trident would ever confuse the swat logo with it. Too many getting butt hurt over logos. Where has personal pride gone? I guess we should start a pissing contest over using similar rank insignia and and stars and shield logos. The original thread was about eod crab with a paw being acceptable now a SWAT team uses an SF logo. This is getting completely childish.

      • Badjujuu says:

        Why don’t we slap some Ranger tabs, Halo, Pathfinder, Airborne, Air Assault, Rigger, Combat Action Badge and Combat Infantryman Badge on the truck too. I’am sure that at some point one for the employees from Will County Sheriff earned a badge during their time in service.

      • Ken says:

        Personal pride you say? Sure, but they need to keep it in house and not shove it down our throats to inspire fear and promote order. Unless you like that kind of stuff from our local overlords…

    • Yeah says:

      That is a generic SWAT logo. Most swat members where that as a pin on their duty uniforms.

  20. Badjujuu says:

    This goes well with the 600k State Capitol door.
    Our state is broke. Where is the money coming from for the militarized law enforcement agencies?

  21. Bushman says:

    For those who interested – http://www.marionbody.com/products/finals/specialty%20vehicles/WillCounty2013/index.html more photos of this on maker website.

  22. Will says:

    Looks legit.

  23. WillCoSOG says:

    1. I’m sorry you guys feel the logo is offensive. It is not meant to disrespect the service and sacrifice of the SF community or any other military unit. I agree that the logo should not resemble any military units patch but its out of my control

    2. The vehicle and other equipment is paid for by federal grant and is part of several requirements to be considered a tier one response team by the DHS/Atty General for inclusion in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan – http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/nppd/nppd-ip-emergency-services-snapshot-2011.pdf – if the fed gov is willing to provide us with these tools in the event of a major attack where our assistance can help to save American lives then we’ll do everything we can to take advantage of that program.

    3. It’s troubling to see that so many people feel these types of tools are overkill or unnecessary, especially after 9/11. We may or may not ever be called upon during a national incident to help but in the mean time, this vehicle and the others they provided help to keep us protected while dealing with the local emergencies we are sent to resolve.

    Don’t forget, we’re American citizens just like you. We’re frustrated with our national situation and this state and its politics just like everyone else is. I can guarantee you we will never turn into a ‘police state’ and use our tools against the everyday citizen like I’ve heard suggested before…we reserve that for the gang bangers and nut jobs who harm innocent people and their families. It would be great if we got even a small fraction of the support you guys give the military. We’re just trying to do our part and help out.

    • SubandSand says:

      Yeah cause there are so many IED and RPG attacks happening everyday here in the borders of the USA. And as for “we will never turn into a ‘police state'”, it looked all so Officer Friendly when the people in Boston were being forced from their homes without a warrant and at gunpoint by men dressed in military style uniforms. You’re job as police is to investigate crime and arrest suspects (remember kids the Supreme Court ruled that police have no responsibility to protect you).

      • Badjujuu says:


        it looked all so Officer Friendly when the people in Boston were being forced from their homes without a warrant and at gunpoint by men dressed in military style uniforms

        Is why people feel resentment toward civilian law enforcement.

    • CJ says:

      “I can guarantee you we will never turn into a ‘police state’ and use our tools against the everyday citizen”

      a guarantee you cannot possibly make.

      You speak for yourself and those you work with, which i appreciate, but you cannot predict the future or what others might do.

    • Badjujuu says:

      The reason you don’t get as much support as the US Armed Forces is because there is a general lack of stories, news and videos on YouTube of Police Officers abusing their badge against US Citizens. Whether it’s unreasonable search and seizure, beating, teasing or just straight out lack of common sense – people have seen it all. What doesn’t help your image is rolling down the Parkway Avenue with what appears to be a tank to the public eye wearing shit a invading Army would.
      Yeah. To Mr and Mrs Smith you appear pretty intimidating.
      But, now that you have the potential National Crisis under control I say we should disbanded National Guard. After all, you’re the one that is standing ready to assist local communities in time of crisis with your pimped out fire truck and a SF logo painted all over it. After all you can not trust a local veteran. Just like in 2009 when we came back from deployment our information was provided to a local law enforcement becuase “we were considered a domestic threat”.

      • Badjujuu says:

        “The reason you don’t get as much support as the US Armed Forces is because there is a general lack of stories, news and videos on YouTube of US Armed Forces abusing their authority against US Citizens”

        I’m sorry for typo

  24. Jungle recon says:

    Okay. Free the oppressed. I see the irony. Obviously the officers speaking of “all the sf bad batt dudes on their teams” don’t. It’s not the point. The point is that utimently no matter what the Lo’s say this piece of equipment will be used to do the opposite, weather legally or morally correct.

  25. Badjujuu says:

    Hopefully this super awesome tax payers sponsored vehicle will help combat the Will County 9.1% unemployment rate.

  26. Axecop says:

    Our department just got one too. It’s basically a mobile dispatch for the city. Just in case a major catastrophe takes out our main building.

    • Kevin Kehowe says:

      MOBILE CC, America is collapsing and you guys are condoning this.

      What do we produce any more but Armor for our Wonderful Law enforcement , while vets are blowing their brains out.

  27. Worryabturself says:

    Not sure about the truck above, but the majority of the larger equipment obtained by my agency (law enforcement, not military) is funded through property seizures, and illicit substance taxes imposed on drug dealers. New paint, and an obviously controversial logo, doesn’t mean it was purchased using tax dollars.

    I’ve heard it said; unless you’ve been bitten by the snake, you can’t tell me how it feels. One cannot know the cost of earning any tab/badge/honor unless one has actually earned them. Nor can one know the disrespect imposed on those who have earned them, when those symbols of accomplishment and brotherhood are used inappropriatley.

    On the same note, if one has never been in law enforcement, one cannot know what it actually entails. Based on the previous posts, it seems there are a lot of assumptions being made based on a photo. Agreed, poor choice of unit logo, which I think was the point of posting it under the WTF area. Those who have earned the original are more than entitled to express their justified concern, and they should need no permission to do so. But to make broad assumptions about law enforcement; what they do or don’t do; and what they need or don’t need; not only belittles any justified concerns there may be, but belittles the service Soldier Systems offers. Just a thought. Take it how you will.

    Whatever your profession or calling, thank you for what you do.

  28. 10thMountainMan says:

    Aww why won’t people copy my logo? I guess I’m not cool enough. My mother still thinks I’m a special snowflake though so you can all pound sand! Merry Christmas!

  29. Norbis says:

    AGHHH the PSY OPERATOR long tab strikes again!!!

    • 10thMountainMan says:

      Where has this tab can be sighted and who needs to be throat punched for wearing it?

  30. Norbis says:

    One thing to add… do they have dogs? Do they have EOD? Do they have EOD dogs? Do their EOD dogs wear the K-9 EOD “crab” patch?

  31. Joe Momma says:

    Logos, patches, pride, earned, flattery, blah blah blah
    The only people who get bent out of shape on this shit are a select few internet joes. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK!!!! this shit has been being done since swat teams started many moons ago. Were SF guys in the 80’s crying? Were Seals in the 90’s getting twat twisted? No. And no one would give a shit or jump on a band wagon if this pic wasn’t posted and free rain to start measuring dicks was so welcomed (and enjoyable btw). Every time I read a post for something like this it starts with “ermergerd….” Cause that’s how dumb the rest of the post is. And then being coupled with the police state and tax money….more “ermergerd….”. EVERY tactical/swat/homeland security conference I’ve been too and every emergency vehicle dealer I know works off grants. These company’s work off grants. You pick a vehicle and equipment, they find and write the grant and deliver the vehicle. So as far as your local/state taxes….very little and very rare. But hey still cheaper then a White House toilet seat. And the “ermergerd the police are too militery”. Again, nothing new! It’s just a great internet sensation topic. People enjoy controversy and arguing, so it’s a great 50/50 topic. Someone will agree and someone will disagree, and the show begins. The country has changed and LE must adapt. In my area Texas, in the past couple of days, two OIS and an officer just passed who was shot in the head. Across the state and officer was shot and killed serving a warrant. It’s very easy to curse the police. Very easy. But then again, it’s very easy to curse them when they don’t show to your house in 5 minutes when your garbage can is missing. The recent incident in Kentucky this weekend. Becoming more common. But hey, why couldn’t they have just sent him some flowers and told him it’ll all be peachy right? Cause we don’t want to be in a police state…. Military guys go into combat, a war zone, and bad shit happens. Cops go to work and clock in and sometimes bad shit happens, sometimes not. We never know if we are gonna be in combat or not. We go on patrol and deal with kids, dogs, old people, sovereign nationalist, veterans, crazies, professionals, politicians, homeless, wealthy, and so on. Now who can tell me which of those listed will be the one to kill a cop? And which day? And what type of call? And so on. There are vast similarities in mil and le, that’s why so often the training mirrors or crosses paths as well as the personal cross paths and careers. But there are vast similarities too. Some easier, some harder. No air strikes when we are pinned down by gun fire. No m203’s. No grenades. No mg cover. No suppressive fire. You wanna talk about discriminate!

    • 10thMountainMan says:

      Wall of text for the loss. Now that is out of the way, your argument is not without merit. You taint it however by injecting it with too much emotion. Internet raging about other peoples’ internet raging makes you a participant in the very thing you are criticizing.

      As for your argument, let me address some of your statements. Would the officer serving a warrant have been saved if he showed up in an OD green fire truck with a stylized SF crest on the side? Would any of the incidents you are describing have been greatly altered by the pictured truck being on the scene? I would venture no.

      In the age of cartels and domestic terror, a real argument can be made that law enforcement needs to be as well armed as those they are fighting. I’m a huge proponent of the citizen being able to arm himself as well as law enforcement. It would be disingenuous to then restrict law enforcement from doing the same. That does not mean concerns over an increasingly militarized government are not valid. When the IRS and DHS are wielding the weapons of the military, people should rightly be very concerned.

      All of this however is not relevant to this page. This page is a lighthearted jab at someone who went to great lengths and spent a lot of money, grant or otherwise, to make an obnoxious truck with an ill advised SF crest on the side. You can rightly tout the courage and skill of law enforcement. That courage and skill does not, however, grant them the license to use the heraldry of a completely different organization.

      Let me give you some perspective. I am of a specialty that is often called to support various Special Operations formations. I’ve deployed with SEALs, Special Forces, MARSOC etc. It is very tempting for people in my unit to begin to identify more with the units we support than we do with ourselves. Why wouldn’t you? Not a lot of people get to rock an SF or Ranger combat patch. It’s neat to tell stories to those from outside the community about “no shit there I was, with SPECIAL FORCES, in Afghanistan, wearin my beard and all kinds of other cool shit, doin cool things.” Eventually though, the bullshit wears off and you start to realize feeding off somebody else’s cool points is not only unsatisfying, it is extremely douchy.

      Now when I’m training younger NCOs I remind them they are brought along because of THEIR skill set to fulfill THEIR function. They need to take pride in their craft, their history, their heraldry and build pride around their contribution to the fight. Don’t get Stockholm syndrome and fall in love with your captors. I assure you, they are not in love with you.

      I apologize as this got long. You provided a great deal for which I had to respond.

      • Joe Momma says:

        In short I agree with you. This all got off topic. Patches/insignia copying big whoop. They are different enough to make a difference. These insignia usually have a reason for their elements (eagles, knives, wreaths, rifles, lightning, etc) and those reasons can be spread across many fields/professions. The trident is quite specific and a swat team with zero water in AO, ok I can see the retardedness. But with an eagle grasping a rifle; eagle-America/strength/fierce/etc, rifle-instrument of choice. I don’t see why there’s butt hurt there. And to call themselves special ops, why not. They do ops and are special amongst the department. Special forces is not really a profound name. Now “whatever county seals”, ok…. And the truck, yes depending on AO again, can be necessary to supplement dispatch or a Mobil command post for anything from tactical situations, emergency management, natural disasters, or just special events. The paint and insignia, to each their own, but I again don’t see the butt hurtness over the od green and black as compared to same exact truck same exact mission but bright white red blue…

      • SSD says:

        This is exactly what the point of this post was.

        All of this however is not relevant to this page. This page is a lighthearted jab at someone who went to great lengths and spent a lot of money, grant or otherwise, to make an obnoxious truck with an ill advised SF crest on the side. You can rightly tout the courage and skill of law enforcement. That courage and skill does not, however, grant them the license to use the heraldry of a completely different organization.

        It was by no means posted in order to further fan the flames of outrage between LE and civilian.

  32. Kevin Kehoe says:

    We neither need you to protect us or are you legally responsible too.
    If you did not consistently take away most Americans rights no body more than likely would call you.

    Except for Children, Elderly and the Infirmed.

    More fellow americans , dogs and animals have died than ever, tell me why genius.

    • Joe Momma says:

      So when shit is going down at your kids school, then you would prefer LE to wait for all them to show up after and just begin cleaning up? “Well I will just take care of it myself” but when you are an hour away at work and all your guns are at home… When the guy is running around a mall shooting it up, you’d prefer LE just sit in parking lot until he kills himself or a cch guy shoots him? The argument of “no responsibility to protect” if asinine. Just because some case said that LE required roll is only to report crime doesn’t mean that all agencies took note and said well fuckit scotus said we are only supposed to take reports. And the rights being taken away, that’s not the police. That’s your politicians. LE don’t make the laws, they just enforce them. A little back to elementary school with the three branches of the government….and the more people/dogs dying is because more people/dogs are getting stupid and attacking LE cause of some self enriched “I don’t have to listen to authority cause blah blah blah of what I read on the internet so instead of just not listening in gonna put my car in drive and slam the gas and if he doesn’t move it’s his fault cause he has no responsibility to pull me over of dwi cause he’s supposed to wait until I hit another car head on and THEN he can take a report…..”

  33. Kevin Kehoe says:

    All Humans think in though patterns and if you do not see the patterns emerging here, Call me when they shut down the BOR.

    Oh you think they are not doing it state by state.
    It is just a coincidence that select fire weapon in my face is a mirage.
    Or was it the Flamethrower or Humvee.

  34. Kevin Kehoe says:

    GOOD Night Men of Honor!

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  36. straps says:

    I like how bent out of shape people get when a sales tax enclave (that looks like 2 outlet malls and an auto row full of white boards and coffee makers) retrofits a fire truck (honest, won’t cost a dime–after all we already own the truck–maybe a few pieces of diamond plate–I know a guy) for when the release of the next Air Jordans triggers civil unrest.

    Funny, my home town had militarized cops booking and bagging criminals by the dozen (no assault ‘bagos, just caffeine, k-pots, Crown Vics and hate) and a personal injury–I mean Civil Rights–attorney emptied the coffers and put the PD under the control or a retired judge. So yeah, ‘merica ain’t dead yet, but it was funny how some neighborhoods suddenly gentrified when crime had consequences.

    That they could do no better than plopping an SF crest on a sheriff’s patch speaks to the overall level and depth of imagination in that agency–and that there ain’t no Long Tabbers on that team. Maybe a few refugees from the old 12th SF in Arlington Heights?

  37. Toby says:

    I do not like seeing my crest that I earned on the side of any thing that does not have to do with my fraternity of brothers. Our logos, our words, and our symbols (speaking for all of my brothers in SOF) are too often thrown around and claimed by people and organizations that have no business displaying it. In this case, whether or not, an former 18 series is on that team they do NOT need to display our insignia on the side of their vehicle. They did not carry the big green tick on their backs through Pine Land. This to me is disappointing and insulting. No insult to any of the officers in that department but of all the things you can display, please do not use our earned symbols. Merry CHRISTmas to all of you in here. Eric, GOD bless buddy and merry CHRISTmas to you and yours.

  38. kunkmiester says:

    Well, look on the bright side, now you only need one of the reasonably rare and expensive RPGs to get the lot, instead of two or three if they were in MRAPS.