ARK Defense Official OEM Partner To Sig Sauer


VIRGINIA BEACH, V.A. – DECEMBER 19, 2013 – ARK Defense Group (“ARK”), a manufacturer of weapon accessories and firearm components, has been established as an official OEM for Sig Sauer. ARK Defense is supplying the Enhanced SOPMOD Buttstock Lite (ESBL-MD-BK) to outfit the SIG516 and SIG716 rifles.

Ark Defense Assembly p2

“After working through the details to include a specialized design for close to a year, ARK is excited and proud to see our stocks used in conjunction with such a respected brand as Sig Sauer. Our Enhanced SOPMOD Buttstock Lite is the perfect break-out product to show what Ark Defense is all about. With its simplicity, functionality, and durability, the ARK Enhanced SOPMOD stock is in the top of its class.” states Israel M (Izzy) Anzaldua, ARK Chief Operating Officer.

“The ARK Defense stock design is robust, simple to operate and had the features we were looking for. The selection and development process involved extensive testing and high quality requirements. ARK Defense provided exactly what we were looking for,” said Jarrod McDevitt, Rifle Product manager for SIG SAUER. “We believe our customers will be extremely satisfied with the fit and functionality of this stock on our SIG516 and SIG716 rifles

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6 Responses to “ARK Defense Official OEM Partner To Sig Sauer”

  1. Will says:

    Looks like a nice blend of the SOPMOD and CTR.

  2. Will F says:

    Wow! Too bad that LMT doesn’t listen to the feedback from the troops…They could’ve had a good run at this contract.

  3. Kaos-1 says:

    What is up with this stock , did the people that originally make it, not patent or license it. I got a mil-spec foliage green one about 3 in a half years ago from tactical intent. It was called the T.I.-7 stock . Now I’ve seen this same stock made by a few companies. I’ve seen it online in everything from pink to a nice looking patriot brown. It is a very nice stock though. Durable as hell, not as long as a lmt sopmod, and the curve at the bottom of the butt helps for a really smooth and quick movement from the low-ready to firing position.

    • Kaos-1 says:

      Damage industries sells it as the Enhanced Combat Systems Stock and has it in black, OD, foliage, brown, FDE,and coyote.