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5.11 Tactical SHOT Show Press Survival Kit


In preparation for SHOT Show 2014, 5.11 Tactical sent out a survival kit for members of the press. Contained within a 6.6 Med Pouch, they included drinking water, a granola bar, mints, 2 packets of Emergen-C, and some Advil. All survival essentials. They also included a Collector’s Boot Knife, although at their insistence, and because it’s common sense, that won’t be stored with the rest of the kit when it’s time for SHOT. You see, TSA hates it when we go through security with a boot knife.



2 Responses to “5.11 Tactical SHOT Show Press Survival Kit”

  1. BigMikeMike says:

    Sounds like a hang-over cure pack with some breath mints and a knife to cut your bondage ropes after the hooker you got in Vegas tied you up and robbed you. 5.11 should call it the 911 vegas emergency kit

  2. James says:

    You forgot the moleskin, or other anti chaff skin pads for the miles of walking