What’s Happening With Magpul Dynamics In 2014?

We were able to catch up with the crew at Magpul Dynamics to discuss some changes that are coming for 2014.

First off, it appears that Magpul Dynamics and instructor Steve Fisher are interested in pursuing different goals for 2014 so they mutually decided it was more beneficial to pursue those goals independently.

Magpul Dynamics shared this comment, “Steve is a great instructor, and we wish him the absolute best as he continues to teach around the US.”

Magpul Dynamics will be focusing on content efforts and development for 2014, with a limited schedule of contract and open enrollment courses as they move to a new facility and focus on a new round of media projects in multiple areas. Could this be new videos? Or maybe something more?

As far as the rest of the personnel lineup. Duane remains at the helm. Cody Carroll has been named as Director of Operations for Magpul Dynamics, and will be executing the 2014 plan along with Duane, Caylen, and others. Precision Rifle operations are not affected by this change, and will continue with the planned course schedule as well as the media efforts.

Magpul Dynamics also said that they will continue to work integrally with the product development team as well as with other leading manufacturers in order to test, develop, and refine product requirements through rigorous employment in field testing and instructional environments as well as in the laboratory of the real world. They mentioned several methodologies including end-user contact, competition, engineering assets, and expeditionary employment all play a role in capturing what a product needs to be and the skills needed to excel.


12 Responses to “What’s Happening With Magpul Dynamics In 2014?”

  1. StevethePriate says:

    Had the pleasure of training with Steve and MD this past fall. It was a great course, and everyone I dealt with was incredibly professional and helpful. Best of luck to both, and looking forward to seeing what new training opportunities they’ll both offer in the future.

  2. BrettW says:

    Good Luck Steve!

  3. CRH says:

    Steve Fisher is a fantastic instructor, and quite possibly one of the best pistol shooters I know. Sorry Steve you’re not a Marine so you didn’t make the cut. Jesus, Mary and F***King Joseph who is making decisions over at Magpul? Great work Rich! Way to make another power house competitor for Dynamics! Brilliant thinking! Why is it Magpul can’t hang on to any of it’s good instructors? Travis Haley, Chris Costa, Brian Bishop, Jon Canipe, and now Steve Fisher. When you have a list like that of top industry trainers that have walked away from Magpul it makes you scratch your head and wonder WTF is going on over there, sounds to me like some serious leadership issues. Good luck Steve I know you will go on and do awesome things!

    • Jon C says:

      I loved working at Magpul, and still support them in every way. I can’t speak for anyone else, I just needed more time at home with the family and less time in hotels. That’s the nature of being a trainer.

      • PigmyPuncher says:

        Now that is a reason I can get behind. I did the 100% travel thing for a couple of years. Figured out that the money just wasn’t worth the time away from family (especially kids)… Family is always the right choice.

      • ODG says:

        Magpul does make great products, and I definitely enjoyed my short time as an instructor there. It was great working with Steve he is definitely a very talented shooter and very knowledgeable instructor. I wish him the best and he will most definitely go on to do great things! I am happy to see Cody Carroll taking on a leadership role at Dynamics, Cody has a rock solid back ground and is one of the best precision shooters I know. He will definitely steer the ship in the right direction. Best of luck to Steve and Dynamics going into 2014!

    • straps says:

      Kinda interesting how Magpul has been able to avoid the missteps in the development of its brand that have set others back. The human factors obviously continue to be a challenge. Chris and Travis and MD pretty much exploded together, and are the best example. Stocks, slings and mags don’t want to re-negotiate contracts, butt heads directionally (as their “brand value” increases like that of an athlete or entertainer) or balance life on the road with the needs of their families. And so it happens again.

      One upside to this is that the talent continues to churn and instructors just out of the breech (directly or indirectly influenced by predecessor instructors) get to share techniques they’ve developed–and proven–in their own experience.

    • Terry Warlock says:

      Settle down Beavis, I highly doubt the senior management at Magpul Dynamics is running people off. If you read the number one reason most trainers set off on their own or start their own companies it’s because of “wanting to spend more time with family” or some iteration of that. If anything, they want a better balance of work time and family time, or to have more of their time as their own. Even when they set out on their own, they often do a reduced course load compared to what they did at Magpul, and often times they just do courses in the region around where they live versus all over the US in a very short timeframe.

      Even for the most hardcore bachelor nomad, living out of hotels for an extended period gets really old, really fast.

  4. Justin @ Beyond says:

    Steve, good luck brother!

  5. Jay Nguyen says:

    Good luck, Steve. Not that you need any.

  6. DeftSpecter says:

    This comes as a surprise. I’ll be seeing Steve in a few days. As others have stated, the “Yeti” will more than land on his feet. He is always a welcome face where I train in MI. Neither Magpul or Steve will have trouble finding success in 2014.