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H&K Goes KeyMod?

In this photo of an HK417 from Operators Suppressor Systems you can see 4″ of suppressor sticking out the business end if the rifle’s 16″ barrel. Interestingly, the H&K hand guard features a KeyModesque system. It’s backward from what we normally see in the KeyMod standard. While this isn’t PCAP! you have to remember that H&K came up with a negative space attachment system during the XM8 trials. You can also see H&K’s unimount.


Look for this setup and more at SHOT Show.

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15 Responses to “H&K Goes KeyMod?”

  1. JBowles says:

    Except I fairly certain that’s not per KeyMod spec. The center of the slot seems to be smaller than the smaller diameter on the left of the slot, making more of an unbalanced figure 8 shape rather than a key slot shape.

  2. Reseremb says:

    Great to see HK giving up on their recent rail-crazy (HK417 handguards are heavy as hell), but I think the Spuhr ISMS would have been a better option.

  3. Primo says:

    Thats an HK mount they are trying. I have used it. Its not bad.

  4. Mark says:

    Still think my PWS 216 is a far superior rifle. Shoots tighter than sardine pussy.

  5. Joe momma says:

    Bet that exposed barrel nut would be nice and warm if you tried a mag well grip….
    I’ve been running with the over bore grip thing whatever it’s called but in some instances or positions I go back to magwell….would be a nice shocker….

  6. Kemp says:

    That exposed barrel nut is weird engineering, why not maximize bearing surface to aid in cooling and rail rigidity?

  7. FYI: the gap between their cut-outs is also longer, making fewer slots per foot than the KeyMod Spec. Why couldn’t they use the KeyMod Standard? I guess we’ll have to add more SKU’s to our line-up. How do you say “KeyMod” in German?

  8. Merlin says:

    ^ Schl├╝sselMod

    Would have preferred if they HK used the Geissele rail, looks good and feels good.

  9. Reversing the KeyMod design makes it weaker in that force of recoil pulls the attachments towards the muzzle. On a true KeyMod arrangement this means those added accessories are forced further into the retention slot. A ‘reversed key-mod’ would seem to risk the loss of and handguard additions in that they will be forced towards the open end. A very odd choice in that (as I understand it) actual Key Mod spec is open source.