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BCM Introduces the KeyMod 13″ Modular Handguard

After more than 12 months of development and field testing, BCM is giving us an official glimpse the BCM KMR-13 KeyMod™ 13″ Modular Handguard.

KMR-13 from BCM

An ultra-light modular handguard for the AR platform, the KMR series of handguards is built around the KeyMod attachment system designed and made public domain by Eric Kincel, Director of Research and Development at BCM, in 2012. Manufactured from an exclusive blended aluminum and magnesium alloy, the BCM KMR weighs 30-40% less than pure aluminum with the same strength properties. The BCM KMR also features a proprietary patent pending mounting, indexing and lock up system that mitigates 12:00 rail movement due to heat generated from the barrel nut.

The KMR-13 has seen extensive field trials with the instructors attached to the BCM Gunfighter Program including Pat Rogers, Larry Vickers, Travis Haley and Mike Pannone, running the platform regularly for over 8 months now.

Larry Vickers said of the KMR-13, “With their KMR handguard, BCM has raised the bar above any other handguard being issued today and has set a new gold standard for lightweight modular rails!

Pat Rogers
Pat Rogers also spoke on the platform, “The KeyMod rail is light – extremely light – and the Key Mod slots add another dimension to mounting solutions, while keeping the weight of mounts for mission essential equipment down.

Travis Haley
Travis Haley was quoted as saying, “BCM has changed the conversation and built their Keymod Handguard from an Aluminum Magnesium Alloy, creating a a handguard that is the lightest free float on the market without sacrificing the rigidity or durability of the platform.

The BCM KMR will be on display at SHOT Show in the TNVC (6502), TangoDown (32303) and Battle Comp Enterprises (20068) booths.

Coming Soon to Bravo Company USA and BCM distributors, you can read more about the KMR-13 at www.BravoCompanyMFG.com/kmr.


14 Responses to “BCM Introduces the KeyMod 13″ Modular Handguard”

  1. This is a really slick piece of kit – best modular handguard I have ever used

  2. Doc_robalt says:

    Is there any reason this wasn’t used on the Jack Carbine?

  3. Angry Misha says:

    We need an HK vs BCM “Key Mod Rail Epic Rap Battle”!!!

  4. Luke says:

    If they make a 10 or 11″ and its cheaper then an NSR this will follow me home. Exactly what I was looking for.

  5. Clasky says:

    It does use a proprietary barrel nut and is easy to install. This is the lightest handguard I have ever used. Completely badass, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from BCM.

  6. Soren says:

    So what’s the outer diameter of this rail?

  7. tcba_joe says:

    I need an 11″

    This rail looks sick.

  8. Can’t wait to slap one on the 14.5″ middy! Patiently waiting!

  9. Laust says:

    What’s the inner diameter of the rail?