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High Ground 5-Day Pack

High Ground 5-Day Pack Rear

Offering over 4500 cubic inches, the High Ground 5-Day Pack was designed with carrying a radio in mind. It integrates a flexed rigid frame that is designed to fit comfortably over your body armor in order to relieve shoulder fatigue and lower back pain. In addition to load bearing waist belt and cable routing shoulder straps as well as built-in hydration pouch and full PALS field, the pack bag offers topaccess points to reach your 117G or 117F radios with ease.

High Ground 5-Day Pack Side

· Frame- Flexed rigid, light weight, curves around body armor.
· Cable Routing Shoudler Straps- Keep you cables and tubes from getting snagged.
· Hydration Pocket- Holds most 2-3 liter bladders comfortably, no bulging into your back.
· Quick Release Waist Belt- Drop and re-don your pack in seconds while maintaining your battle belt.
· Interior MOLLE Panel- limitless options to customize the internal pocket for quick access to essential items.
· Cubic Volume- Total over 4500 cu. in. Main Pack 3600 cu. in., compression pouches each 225 cu. in.
· Compressible- Main Pack is compressible to fit tight around your load size needs.
· Removable compression pouches for additional volume. Attachable via MOLLE.
· Lid pocket- easy, quick access to maps, radio frequencies, etc.
· Rain Cover- Inclement weather cover to protect your pack, reverses as VF marker

HG 5 Day Pack

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7 Responses to “High Ground 5-Day Pack”

  1. Luke says:

    I’d like to know more… What is the frame made out of? What is the total weight? How does the releasable belt function? Hopefully they’ll post up some more.

    • Mike P says:

      Luke – the frame is milled aluminum, really lightweight for what it can handle. Looks like you found the belt video. More to come from High Ground on this pack at SHOT, keep up with SSD and you will see more.

      You can always ping is at [email protected] as well.

  2. Luke says:

    Found a video of the belt system for one of their other packs, looks like the best system I’ve seen yet. Might not carry weight like a dedicated pack belt but a good compromise if you need a battle belt.

    • mike says:

      I have two packs from High Ground that utilized this system. I’ve used a number of other pack with dedicated waist belts and these two packs stack up right about the same with a 45-55LBS load. I can’t see it fairing any worse off with more weight. The buckle system can be a little awkward to activate at times, but really having my pistol and mags stay attached to my belt is an option I want. Putting a traditional belt over my pistol never works, no matter what kind of drop or extension I use.

      TL;DR the belt system is the jam.

      • Mike P says:

        Mike- glad you dig it. Keep tuned we have a BA belt upgrade launching next week. Stay safe.

        – HGG

  3. Johnny the Headless Thompson Gunner says:

    Mystery Ranch vs High Ground’s interpretation of the modernized ALICE ruck. My money is on MR’s interpretation.

  4. dude says:

    Am I the only one who prefers an external frame? Better compression, stand off to allow ventilation when you’re not wearing body armor, what’s not to like? If the bag itself was ~$150-200 and fully compatible with an ALICE/MALICE/Coleman Peak1 modified frame, I’d be all over it.