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Osprey Range Day – Overmatch Concepts

Osprey Range Day Invite (1)

I attended the premiere range event hosted by Osprey Global Solutions and Defense Logistics Support. You may recall my story on the HCAR, a modernized BAR. Osprey boasts a great facility nestled east of I-95 about 45 minutes from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Boasting 25m out 1400m range access, the facility is the brainchild of Retired Army Major General David Grange who heads up Osprey.

Osprey Range Day Invite (2)

Below, you can see some shots from the last range day when Osprey hosted about 50 military and law enforcement personnel as well as members of industry. In addition to a variety of weapon solutions offered by Osprey Armament, we also were introduced to new forensic evidence collection systems as well as the actual range complex itself. This next even will boast even more with the introduction of UAVs, medical systems and tactical training technologies. Expanded to two days, it gives additional opportunities for attendance and hands on experience with the systems on display. Additionally, lunch is provided. See you there!

If you are going to be in the area and are interested in attending send an to email Steve from OSPREY at [email protected] or Trevor Kr├Ącker with Defense Logistics Support, Inc. at [email protected]. It is imperative that you email for a reservation as it is by invitation only and you will not be given entry without being on the list.


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