GORE-Tex Professional

Spartan Village Appendix/IWB Holster

Appendix IWB Small

Spartan Village’s new Appendix/IWB holster is ambidextrous and has several levels of ride height adjustment. Models currently available:

Glock 26/27/33
Glock 19/23/32
Glock 17/22/31
M&P 9/40
M&P 9c/40c
M&P Shield

Available in Black and Coyote.



2 Responses to “Spartan Village Appendix/IWB Holster”

  1. Matt says:

    Looks exactly like my PHLster access

    • Matt says:

      Actually PHLster access gives you enough room for suppressor sights. Can’t tell if this one does but it looks like it doesn’t. I don’t have suppressor sights but some of you might…