Survival Armor Announces The X50 And The GRID-HERCULES Attachment System At 2014 SHOT Show

For Immediate Release – FT Myers FL – Survival Armor leader in the US ballistic protection industry announces the X50 enhanced ergonomically designed tactical vest and the H-Warrior with the GRID-HERCULES™ attachment system at the 2014 SHOT show.

X 50

The X50 is an enhanced ergonomically designed tactical vest to accommodate today needs for wearable, yet maneuverable, outer tactical vest. This new vest features a patented shoulder attachment system (SAS) which provides a second point of contact to secure the officer’s critical gear. Shoulder Sling Trap (SLT) provides a tunnel to keep the sling off your neck. To enhance weapon stock retention, a Rubberized Weapon Pocket (RWP) is located at the shoulder. There is a built in Wire Management System (WMS) to keep wires internal for cleaner look and no hang ups. The unit also includes Mission Adaptable Pouch System (MAPS) and down officer Drag Strap. For upgrading of protection, the unit also has internal front and rear top loading rifle plate pockets to fit plates from 7”x9” up to 12”x14”.

Warrior wNewPC

The GRID-HERCULES™ attachment system is now available on the H-Warrior product line. GRID-HERCULES™ a revolutionary material that replaces the current Cordura and MOLLE webbing attachment system. This system increases the strength while decreasing overall weight of the tactical vest. The GRID-HERCULES™ engineered material is a highly specialized applied coating to base textile fabric making it waterproof. It is specifically designed to enhance the physical properties of impact, abrasion, and heat/flame resistance, as well as, tear/tensile strength along with its flame retardant properties. The GRID-HERCULES™ material has successfully completed and passed U.S. DOD requirements for MOLLE attachment point testing protocol and can be used for load bearing components of the Soldier Protection System (SPS). GRID-HERCULES™ is a trademark of Absecon Industries. All rights reserved.

All new products can be seen at Booth #31403 at the 2014 SHOT Show

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