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EOG’s New Chem Light Panel

Light Panel

After years of requests, EOG has released the custom 12-chem light panel. Made from 1000D Cordura, the EOG chem light panel holds 12 regular or mini chem lights and attaches to PALS webbing on the front of a 3 mag pouch via 6 straps on the back. Available in MultiCam, Coyote, and SRT Black. Made in the USA – lifetime guarantee.


5 Responses to “EOG’s New Chem Light Panel”

  1. Matt says:

    Sometimes I upset when I see pieces of gear that somewhat make sense but the price point is far too high to justify when you can slide chemlights Into existing pals webbing. I’ve done that for 5 deployments and never had them fall out or bust open. It worked and was free.

  2. See Cyalume’s new pouch for a low cost answer and it doesn’t take up as much area on a vest. It also holds their new flat chem lights.

  3. Bill says:

    Wow, that’s serious beans for holding chemlights, or even pens and Sharpies. And 6 straps? How much stress are guys putting on lightsticks?

  4. SqDb says:

    Same company makes a 5-light holder for $15…