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Thyrm – Costa SwitchBack Tactical Flashlight Rings

thyrm sell sheet v2.1

Thyrm is pleased to announce the launch of the Costa SwitchBack™ Tactical Flashlight Rings in collaboration with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus.


Chris brought his extensive operational and instructional experience to the SwitchBack™ design, evolving it into a very flexible, tactical tool that bridges the gap between flashlight and weapon-light.

SwitchBacks™ mount securely between the tailcap and flashlight body allowing for:
-Faster Deployment
-Enhanced Retention During Firearm Manipulation
-Natural, Two-Handed Shooting


“Many of the original flashlight techniques developed by Ken Good and Dave Maynard are still relevant and we wanted a product that would work with their techniques in addition to newer methods of employment. Likewise, we have a lot of respect for instructors like Matt Graham who showed the community the benefits of additional retention features on flashlights. The SwitchBack™ builds off these techniques and enhancements, taking it to the next level of capability and durability.”-Chris Costa

Switchback large rendered iso view 1000by1000

Made in the USA and currently available in two sizes, SwitchBacks fit the most popular SureFire flashlights including:

Large: G2X, 6PX, P2X and P3X Fury, and some older models

Backup: EB1 and EB2 backup lights (without tailcap shroud)

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24 Responses to “Thyrm – Costa SwitchBack Tactical Flashlight Rings”

  1. Chef Rigby says:


  2. Seifer says:

    Tactical rubbers from Costa ? WTF ?

    What next ?

    Costa Tactical Socks ?
    Costa Tactical Umbrella ?
    Costa Tactical Toaster ?

    • KaosKydexSolutions says:

      It’s an improvement on a product that has already been around. Did you ask Matt Graham if he was gonna make a toaster, when he worked with Surefire to produce his rings?

  3. Terry says:

    Looks very similar to the Surefire Combat Rings that I have been using for over 5 years now. Very effective, very simple design, and very inexpensive. I think I paid $15 for the set of three.

  4. Trajan says:

    Looks to be a competitor to the RCS clips. Unfortunately, these look way too bulky to edc, unless you’re one of those dudes who walks around in 5.11 pants.

    RCS got it right with the o-ring IMO.

  5. dk says:

    too much gear, fight light….

  6. Mike Balzitch says:

    OK, has the point finally been reached when we realize Costa will put his name to ANYTHING?

  7. Chris K. says:

    People need to remain open minded about gear, tactics aside if you have never seen or touched a piece of kit don’t bash it. Some used to think a velcro flap on the front of a plate carrier wouldn’t hold strong enough, and look how that turned out.

    • bob says:

      If it was Travis Haley’s new product, the Costa haters here would be shouting “take my money.” For some reason that I cannot understand, Costa has developed an intense following of anti-fans. Regardless, these appear to be another widget for the toolbox if you are in need of one.

      • SentryTheDefiant says:

        Keep in mind I am not a hater of either camps, Costa Ludus or Haley Strategic. But a lot of it seems to come from some of the business moves that Costa has made, with his paid (?) endorsement of RockTape, his hand in designing the ugly ass turtle shell backpack, and allowing his name to be used on what seems any and every thing. No one questions the fact that Haley sells skin care products, or the hokey Oral IV solution.
        I have met both only briefly, never trained with either of them, only seen them on the same videos everyone seems to develop their opinions from, and from my brief interactions I didn’t feel the need to punch either one or hate them for any reason. I just can’t find a reason to hate a person for making decisions that benefit their family that really honestly don’t cause harm to anyone. *shrug*

  8. Terry says:

    I am not, nor have I ever been a Costa hater, or “anti-fan”. I simply stated that it is very similar to the design that Surefire put out 5-6 years ago that I have used since it was released.
    I just find it interesting when a new product is released and not only is it very similar to something previously developed, but the press release wording is almost identical to what was used by the original company.
    Innovation is good, changing an existing design to better suit a need is good, but at some point we need to realize that by simply attaching a persons name to a product does not make it better.

  9. Mohican says:

    As you said it looks pretty similar to

    From a safety point of view rubber seems to be safer than a metal ring if you don’t want to loose a finger.

    • defensor fortisimo says:

      This is the first I’m hearing of either idea, but it makes a lot of sense in that either one allows you to put tension on the light itself, something I’ve found creates tension and makes it easier to control the light. You can do something similar with a lanyard incidentally, but i’d bet this would be a lot easier. Another thing working in Surefire’s favor, judging by the LAPG page at any rate, is that the rings will fit any light with a 1″ diameter, which works out if you like another brand such as Streamlight or Inforce. You might be able to do something similar with the metal version, If so it honestly wouldn’t hurt them to advertise it as such instead of tying to a specific brand.

  10. KevinB says:

    More bulky, more clumsy, more Ludus?

  11. Steve says:

    Any of these guys aware of the FBI data that shows aggressors tend shoot at the light during low light armed engagements? I’ve no opinion of Costa either way, just seems like another piece of polymer designed to separate you from a few bucks…

    • KLP says:

      I’m sure they are aware but they’re willing to sacrifice some visibility for better gun control. Most of these guys reach to keep light activation to a minimal so the visibility isn’t even that much greater.

    • Terry says:

      YES, and it is for this reason that the light is attached to your hand and not the weapon. You are able to remove your hand from the weapon and shine from an alternate angle if that is necessary/prudent.

  12. Sneaky Pete says:

    Enough with that guy….

  13. Ben says:

    Hey look, another tacti-cool thing that the Costa camp will have to have.

  14. Andrew F. says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for everyone’s feedback on the Switchback so far. Chris and I put a year’s worth of prototyping and testing into making it a product that we are both proud of.

    To answer a few questions:

    The SwitchBack Large does work with other manufacturer’s flashlights such as the Streamlight Polytac and the Pelican m6, we’ll be adding specific model info to our site as we go through the testing process. So far so good.

    The Switchback is a rigid polymer (like the trigger guard on a Glock) which may have advantages and/or disadvantages depending on your personal situation.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have questions or suggestions.

    Best regards,

  15. Maxcoseti says:

    His SVI pistol is ultra cool, it’s serial reads “007 COSTA”