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In Case You Needed Another Reason to Love HSGI


M. Boisvert lost his leg along with the use of his hand in Fallujah while serving with the 1st Mar DIV FOX CO. Raiders.

He reached out to several companies to make a wrap for his prosthetic leg. Several said they would, but it just never panned out.

He reached out to High Speed Gear and our Production Manger Darrell made his wishes a reality.

Bosisvert now shoots as much as can and wants to compete. I’m sure he’ll chime in. Posted with his permission.

Source: High Speed Gear on Facebook


19 Responses to “In Case You Needed Another Reason to Love HSGI”

  1. tyler989 says:

    That is awesome!!!! Glad HSGI stepped up and made that for him!

  2. defensor fortisimo says:

    I hope he likes mexican, because it’s going to be really easy now for him to step out for tacos *rimshot*

  3. RazorSix says:

    Freakin awesome

  4. JamesH says:

    His leg is cooler than my leg and I am jealous, is that wrong?

  5. GW says:

    Well done Gene, and Company!!!!

  6. SGT Rock says:

    Awesome sauce!

  7. straps says:

    A HSGI order was on my “to do” list. Just jumped to #2 (behind another company that did something equally awesome for someone equally deserving).

    Doing well by doing good. Still allowed.

  8. Chuck says:

    Another reason I love this community.

  9. JPate says:

    I will be placing an order with HSGI within the next week, just because they kick ass and do cool shit like this.

  10. tyler says:

    It almost makes me want to lose a leg. More ammo storage…

  11. Steve says:

    Out fucking standing.

  12. High Speed Gear, I am forever a fan ! Class Act

  13. jjj0309 says:

    What a badass prosthetic leg.

  14. swiss says:

    HSG, I’m back in the states, have enough ball caps, don’t need to hand out 5 short bus moral patches… But I want to support you, what’s the best way?

  15. james says:

    SWEEEEEEEET! nothing more needs to be said!

  16. Galgay says: