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The Iowa Suppressor Ownership Bill Needs Your Support

Our friends at the American Silencer Association have asked us to spread the word on a pending bill that would allow citizens of Iowa to possess suppressors. As a native of that great state that values liberty, it’s something near to my heart.

Last week, State Rep. Matt Windschitl, (R-Missouri Valley) introduced House File 384 to the Iowa State House. The purpose of the bill is to legalize the possession of suppressors for the law abiding citizens of Iowa who complete the proper Federal NFA transfer process.

Iowa is currently one of only 11 states that prohibit the possession of suppressors by civilians. For a full map, visit the ASA’s website.
Although HF 384 is moving through the General Assembly, it needs your support to pass.

Please contact members of the Iowa State House and Senate TODAY and urge them to support the legalization of suppressor ownership in Iowa. Contact information can be found below:
House: www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/house
Senate: www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/senate


8 Responses to “The Iowa Suppressor Ownership Bill Needs Your Support”

  1. Desert Lizard says:

    I’d like to see it where we don’t need a federal permit to own a suppressor.

  2. ZMP says:

    With the idea of the Form 4 and tax stamp and agonizing background check/CLEO signoff being very outmoded now that we have computers, why not amend the NFA so that if you have a permit to purchase a handgun or a CCW…you can own whatever NFA item you want? What sense does it make to have a permit to carry a pistol but you become a felon if you own an SBS or SBR without a Form 4/tax stamp? Likewise, if you have gone through a background check to obtain a permit….what are they going to do, background check you some more to obtain a can? The process seems deliberately convoluted and should probably appear in the dictionary under the heading “infringement”. Bravo, Iowa!

    • Haji says:

      NFA makes a pretty nice pile of funding off those $200 checks. I don’t think anybody in the gummint and especially the ATF/NFA branch are very interested in letting go of that. How many times in the history of America has a bureaucracy been stood up and then dismantled later? It should happen regularly…and yet it never does.

      As you mentioned, its deliberately convoluted.

  3. Stash D says:

    This hits home, as a suppressor owning Nebraska resident and Iowa land owner. Good cause.

  4. BigMikeMike says:

    Since 1984 this state has voted for a Fem-O-Crat for president 6 times and our current embarrassment you voted for twice in large amounts. I think your time would be better spent cleaning out your libtard problem first. Anywho, I hope you can get your cans but, I don’t see how if you got this Fem-O-Crat problem.

  5. Kaos-1 says:

    Umm, just like a lot of states , Iowa is split in the middle when it comes to politics . I call it the east coast and west coast of Iowa . It becomes a whole different state when you get west of Des Moines . All the liberal city dwellers are on the east side of Iowa . And if you do some research you’ll find that we’re a different kind of “conservative” here in Iowa , I.E. Ron Paul. Plus, other than NFA stuff our gun laws are pretty lax compared to most states.

  6. John L says:

    It is great to see this shared. I am passionately behind this bill and I think that every little bit helps. I am a huge fan of your publication and its great to see you guys showing this issue off as well.

  7. Michael L says:

    This is great! I have wanted to move home for so long but I just cannot stand to give up my freedom. This and SBR where the two things and I think I could give up the SBR as long as I have my can. I hope this passes!!! And as for the East Coast, it has nothing to do with east west it has to do with all the damn cities and universities, I am from Poweshiek county and if it werent for Grinnell College it would be a red county but hell no them damn liberal elite morons at school screw it all up! Ron Paul for President.