OR – 32 North Introduces New Military Boot Compatible STABILicers

32 North VB

32 North has introduced new versions of their popular STABILicers that fit Vapor Barrier (VB or Bunny) Boots, Mukluks and issue combat boots, including cold weather models. These are critical for areas with ice, helping you stay on your feet.

These new models are available for unit and agency purchase exclusively through ADS.

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3 Responses to “OR – 32 North Introduces New Military Boot Compatible STABILicers”

  1. dilby says:

    I snow backpack and have used similar items called yak traks. Without a strap or something holding the base up and over the top of the boot, these will fall off. I ended up using 550 cord but it did not work well.

  2. Raj says:

    Yaktrax are made with a strap over the forefoot, also. And VB’s have THE best traction on ice, EVER. It’s weird. Must be the rubber formulation. These look nifty, though. Always a market for things that keep you from breaking yourself.

  3. Darren Bean says:

    These items are in the system, sustained by DLA-TS. Your supply can order these. Yaktrax are made in China or Taiwan, the military can’t buy them