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Welcome to the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Please join us for the next four days as we offer live coverage of the 2015 OR Summer Market.  

OR – Barebones Outdoor – Connect Power System

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Glamping with Barebones

One thing all of us have learned over the past few years is that we can face power outages due to natural disasters or other mishaps. Many have turned to solar, wind and fossil fuel generators. Others use these power generation systems for camping and other outdoor activities. I’ve run across numerous power collection and management systems but generally they fall short with distribution, particularly those systems available to the commercial market. When I saw the Barebones Connect Power System at Outdoor Retailer I knew this was something I’d want to share with my readers.


In fact, CPS was created out of necessity by the Utah-based crew at Barebones Outdoor who provide assistance during disaster relief operations. Originally intended for use with their Safari tent seen above, it can be use virtually anywhere. The basic CPS kit includes a single six-foot extension cable, an On/Off push-button switch box, a three-prong male AC adapter, and their ingenious outlet box that features double three-prong AC outlets and two USB female outlets for portable electronics. Any of the components can be ordered separately to expand the system for larger structures or your own specific power needs, and all CPS components are compatible with Barebones light fixtures and battery packs. It’s essentially a plug-n-play system and due to its scalable nature can be configured in a wide variety of ways.

The CPS is compatible with multiple power sources and features a three-prong grounded male plug adapter, allowing it to plug directly into any power source with AC input. If you are off the grid, the CPS is compatible with solar and fossil fuel generators. Goal Zero’s portable batteries and solar panels also work with the CPS, making continuous off-the-grid power possible.


OR – Lowa Z-6 and Z-8 Series Boots

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

At OR I had a chance to catch up with German brand Lowa to find out about their new Z-6 and Z-8 series boots coming later this year. Leveraging the technology of the Zephyr, the new Z-6 and Z-8 (the number denotes the height of the upper) utilize the well-proven and patented PU MONOWRAP® frame technology but are beefier with a medial sole wrap and heavier duty lug pattern to protect against rope abrasion during fast rope descents. The goal was to produce a boot that offers the walking comfort of light hiking boots combined with the support and protection of backpacking boots. LOWA further toughened up the design up with a full-length nylon stabilizer and an aggressive rubber outsole. Lightweight metal closed hooks allow for speed lacing and meet requirements for airborne operations so no more taping up your eye hooks.

Lowa Z-6S GTX Sage

Lowa Z-6S GTX

Below you will notice two suffixes in the full list of models names which denote the leather choices of split (S) and Nubuck (N). GORE-TEX® linings provide waterproof comfort, breathability and warmth in damp weather. Quick drying fabric linings are offered for hot and humid climates. LOWA’s patented Climate Control System pumps heat and moisture away from the foot, keeping feet dry and less prone to blisters.

Lowa Z-8S Tan

Lowa Z-8S Tan

Available in six-inch and eight-inch heights and in black, desert and sage.

Z-8N GTX® – Black
Z-8S GTX® – Dark Brown, Desert
Z-8S – Desert
Z-6N GTX® – Black
Z-6S GTX® – Desert, Black, Sage, Dark Brown
Z-6S – Black

Lowa Z-8S GTX Brown

Lowa Z-8S GTX Boot Image

OR – 32 North Introduces New Military Boot Compatible STABILicers

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

32 North VB

32 North has introduced new versions of their popular STABILicers that fit Vapor Barrier (VB or Bunny) Boots, Mukluks and issue combat boots, including cold weather models. These are critical for areas with ice, helping you stay on your feet.

These new models are available for unit and agency purchase exclusively through ADS.


OR – Ultimate Survival Technologies – ParaHatchet

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


The ParaHatchet from Ultimate Survival Technologies features a 5mm stainless steel handle/blade and is wrapped in 8.2′ of either Orange or Glow In The Dark paracord. The blade integrates 3 hex wrenches and a rope cutter. It’s affordably priced and is the kind of insurance I’d throw in the trunk with a survival kit.

OR – Selk’Bag – Patagon

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


Selk’Bag has been around for several years now but many have considered it a gimmick, more suitable for car camping (or slumber parties) than serious outdoor pursuits. But now they’ve introduced the new Patagon, a serious upgrade to the ergonomic sleep system that resembles an expedition suit rather than a sleeping bag. Rated for use to 35 Deg F, with extreme use to 9 Deg F, this is no small feat considering the extremities are separate from the torso. The bag is insulated with their proprietary KreKran which is named after the Chilean Ona Indian words Kre for Sun and Kran for Sun-Man. Temp ratings by independent lab.


Below, you can see the mesh lined, zippered vent found either side, mid-thigh. You will also notice that the booties can be removed via zipper so that the wearer’s boots are exposed for movement.


The Patagon features a magnetized quick release hand closure system with integrated hand straps that let you secure the mittens out of the way.


The two-side, zippered bib opening is baffled and goes all the way to the waist on the right side (while worn).


Available in Forest Black, the Patagon incorporates an adjustable hood and offered in sizes Med – XLge.


OR – Bison Designs – Kool Tool Line

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Coming soon from Bison Designs is the Kool Tool Belt.

As you can see, the magic of the Kool Tool Belt is in the buckle which serves as a mini tool kit. I had a chance to meet Brian Kelleghan, the owner of Bison Designs and he showed me a couple of other new items. I like that they continue to introduce new products and have beyond the web belt designs that have become a staple of virtually every outdoor store. In addition to the belt, Bison Deaigns is also set to release a couple of different models of the Kool Tool including Klip, Klip-Biker and Karabiner. These are all key chain-based tools and Kelleghan has built them to be TSA-compliant. As a demonstration, he sent three through the x-ray with his carry-on luggage and put three in a bowl with his keys. None raised an eyebrow. While this isn’t a comprehensive evaluation of the how the products will fare with your local TSA office, it’s a good indicator. And remember, every TSA officer interprets the rules in his or her own way.


In one corner, Bison Designs had a small display of Boy Scout items and it turns out that Kelleghan is a fellow Eagle Scout and Scout Leader. He manufactures multiple licensed items for BSA, including a couple of products that I know he has got to be losing money on. But that’s the way of the organization. Most of us don’t expect to get back what we put in.

Bison Designs is an innovative company that builds some great products. Check them out.


OR – Tipsy Elves

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

If it were possible to ‘win’ Outdoor Retailer, I’d say Tipsy Elves with their wide variety of irreverent Christmas sweaters is a definite contender.