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OR – Selk’Bag – Patagon

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


Selk’Bag has been around for several years now but many have considered it a gimmick, more suitable for car camping (or slumber parties) than serious outdoor pursuits. But now they’ve introduced the new Patagon, a serious upgrade to the ergonomic sleep system that resembles an expedition suit rather than a sleeping bag. Rated for use to 35 Deg F, with extreme use to 9 Deg F, this is no small feat considering the extremities are separate from the torso. The bag is insulated with their proprietary KreKran which is named after the Chilean Ona Indian words Kre for Sun and Kran for Sun-Man. Temp ratings by independent lab.


Below, you can see the mesh lined, zippered vent found either side, mid-thigh. You will also notice that the booties can be removed via zipper so that the wearer’s boots are exposed for movement.


The Patagon features a magnetized quick release hand closure system with integrated hand straps that let you secure the mittens out of the way.


The two-side, zippered bib opening is baffled and goes all the way to the waist on the right side (while worn).


Available in Forest Black, the Patagon incorporates an adjustable hood and offered in sizes Med – XLge.