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OR – Barebones Outdoor – Connect Power System

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Glamping with Barebones

One thing all of us have learned over the past few years is that we can face power outages due to natural disasters or other mishaps. Many have turned to solar, wind and fossil fuel generators. Others use these power generation systems for camping and other outdoor activities. I’ve run across numerous power collection and management systems but generally they fall short with distribution, particularly those systems available to the commercial market. When I saw the Barebones Connect Power System at Outdoor Retailer I knew this was something I’d want to share with my readers.


In fact, CPS was created out of necessity by the Utah-based crew at Barebones Outdoor who provide assistance during disaster relief operations. Originally intended for use with their Safari tent seen above, it can be use virtually anywhere. The basic CPS kit includes a single six-foot extension cable, an On/Off push-button switch box, a three-prong male AC adapter, and their ingenious outlet box that features double three-prong AC outlets and two USB female outlets for portable electronics. Any of the components can be ordered separately to expand the system for larger structures or your own specific power needs, and all CPS components are compatible with Barebones light fixtures and battery packs. It’s essentially a plug-n-play system and due to its scalable nature can be configured in a wide variety of ways.

The CPS is compatible with multiple power sources and features a three-prong grounded male plug adapter, allowing it to plug directly into any power source with AC input. If you are off the grid, the CPS is compatible with solar and fossil fuel generators. Goal Zero’s portable batteries and solar panels also work with the CPS, making continuous off-the-grid power possible.