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OR – Bison Designs – Kool Tool Line

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Coming soon from Bison Designs is the Kool Tool Belt.

As you can see, the magic of the Kool Tool Belt is in the buckle which serves as a mini tool kit. I had a chance to meet Brian Kelleghan, the owner of Bison Designs and he showed me a couple of other new items. I like that they continue to introduce new products and have beyond the web belt designs that have become a staple of virtually every outdoor store. In addition to the belt, Bison Deaigns is also set to release a couple of different models of the Kool Tool including Klip, Klip-Biker and Karabiner. These are all key chain-based tools and Kelleghan has built them to be TSA-compliant. As a demonstration, he sent three through the x-ray with his carry-on luggage and put three in a bowl with his keys. None raised an eyebrow. While this isn’t a comprehensive evaluation of the how the products will fare with your local TSA office, it’s a good indicator. And remember, every TSA officer interprets the rules in his or her own way.


In one corner, Bison Designs had a small display of Boy Scout items and it turns out that Kelleghan is a fellow Eagle Scout and Scout Leader. He manufactures multiple licensed items for BSA, including a couple of products that I know he has got to be losing money on. But that’s the way of the organization. Most of us don’t expect to get back what we put in.

Bison Designs is an innovative company that builds some great products. Check them out.

Outdoor Retailer – Bison Designs

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Bison Designs has added a new twist on the ubiquitous 550 cord bracelet. The BUKaLITE incorporates an LED bulb in the buckle.


Offered in Red or White lenses, the BUKaLITE has two functions, constant on and strobe. For many, it might make a handy, soft light.

Bison Designs – Belts

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

These have been available for years at various outdoor stores but have been largely overlooked as a great option for folks who looking for an alternative to the “riggers Belt” (in style and not function). They offer a wide variety of buckle and webbing options including a carbon fiber buckle as well as an upcoming titanium model. Various models of belts are available in 1″, 1-1/4″, and 1-1/2″ widths.

Bison Designs Carbonator Bison Designs Tread

To check out the entire line, go to Bison Designs.

Photos from Bison Designs.