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C&H Precision Weapons Brings Authentic USMC M40-Series Rifles To Consumer Market

Veteran-Owned Rifle Shop Offers Unique Custom Gunsmithing for Precision Shooters

LaBelle, FL – January 28, 2014 – C&H Precision Weapons, manufacturers of the highest-quality custom-built precision rifles, have announced they have officially opened their doors for business.

Specializing in the USMC M40 series rifles, the standard issue bolt-action sniper rifle used by U.S. Marine Scout Snipers for nearly 50 years, the company offers the M40 in three variants – M40A1, M40A3 and M40A5; with each rifle is authentically built to the exact USMC specifications by a former U.S. Marine 2112 (Precision Weapons Technician).

Owned and operated by two former enlisted U.S. Marines with a combined 35 years of military service, the company maintains the same ethics and character instilled in them by the Marine Corps, which are expected and appreciated by all customers.

“C&H’s foundation was built on the simple pursuit of preserving our favorite rifle, the M40 series, and the skills required to build it for current and future generations,” stated Partner and Co-Founder, Buck Holly. “With the sturdy and always-growing success of the ‘black rifle’ market in our industry, we wanted to provide people with something they don’t get to see very often; while giving them an experience they’ll never forget.” Holly, who served with the Marines for nine years, currently works as a Science and Technology Advisor on weapons, optics, and fire control systems within the DoD, as well as serving as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Partner and Co-Founder, Dave Clark (Ret. MGySgt), who served 26 years in the Marines as a 2111 (Small Arms Technician), 2112 (Precision Weapons Technician) and 2181(Senior Ground Ordnance Maintenance Chief); the former NCOIC of the famed USMC PWS (Precision Weapon Section) at Quantico VA, manages the shop, ensuring the accuracy of each firearm before it leaves.

In addition to the M40 rifles offered, the company also produces custom builds; working with each customers’ unique set of requirements for their particular application – whether for tactical teams, competitive shooting, long range hunting or light-weight rifles for extreme hunting trips.


10 Responses to “C&H Precision Weapons Brings Authentic USMC M40-Series Rifles To Consumer Market”

  1. Iceman says:

    Nice work. Put me on the list.

  2. Keep up the good work guys – anyone who works to preserve history gets my support

    • Buck says:

      Thanks LAV. Getting support from industry mentor is an honor.
      We hosted one of your old friends “Jerry” and his sons last weekend for a 3 day hog hunt.
      You’re welcome to visit any time.

  3. Martin says:

    Buck is a good dude. If he is involved I’m sure they are doing first rate work.

  4. Eric S. says:

    Going down next week to check out the shop, cant wait!

    • Buck says:

      Looking forward to seeing you guys. We have a good morning planned.
      See you soon.

  5. Riceball says:

    Nice, wish I had the money to afford one of these because I’m sure they won’t come cheap. This will definitely be on my wish list for a long time to come.

  6. Mike Balzitch says:

    Great, “Retired” USMC “Sniper” Buck Holley has weaseled himself into another company. Maybe he will build another range on public land he doesn’t own. Google him; “Buck Holley Utah”. Notice how many times he refers to himself as a “Retired USMC Sniper” to the press. He also isn’t a real cop. He has a reserve officer badge. Poser & Stolen Valor scumbag.

    Clark does the work and Holley runs around SHOT Show as some executive scamming free shit from any company dumb enough to fall for his scams.

    Please ask him to prove who he is “Advising”? Show me DoD contract before I believe a word of it.

  7. Mike Balzitch says:

    In reality he was an intell weenie who did nothing even remotely related to snipers or special operations. Stay far away from this scumbag. I feel bad for Clark.