ExplosiveOps Gear – SSE Backpack


ExplosiveOps Gear’s SSE Backpack is made from durable Duro Epsilon fabric. The pack is 13″ x 19″, with 2 fully adjustable shoulder straps with quick releases and pull tight locking closure. It can be worn as a backpack or with one strap, messenger style. The SSE tightly compresses into a small ball weighing only 4oz. for storage in a cargo pocket or pouch. Available in MultiCam. American made.



One Response to “ExplosiveOps Gear – SSE Backpack”

  1. Terry says:

    That looks like a pretty handy little bag, but seems way overpriced for what it is; I’d guess around $10-15 worth of materials and simple construction means that it should retail for less than $30, probably considerably less. $50 is just unreasonable.