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The Gun Box


The Gun Box is a soon-to-be-released firearm storage case. It is powered by an AC plug in with a back-up battery. The reason for the power supply is the method of opening the case: the base model utilizes RFID technology, and requires the use of an included RF band to open. A biometric variant will also be offered, with an onboard 360 biometric fingerprint scanner which can hold multiple fingerprints, in addition to the RFID system. The Premier model includes GPS tracking and 24/7 monitoring, tracking, and alert notifications, with a required monthly subscription fee, the first year of which is covered by initial purchase.

Gunbox 2

The Gun Box features an aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell and inside dimensions of 8.9″x6.5″x1.5″, and a weight of 4.7 lbs.

Additional features on all models include:

  • 2 USB ports for charding devices or connecting accessories
  • Battery backup w/ shut off switch
  • Mounting holes for mounting in any orientation
  • Kensington lock port

Estimated delivery on all Gun Box models is February 21st, 2014.

Below is a tutorial video demonstrating how to open the Gun Box. Check out the Gun Box YouTube page for additional tutorial videos.



6 Responses to “The Gun Box”

  1. Chuck says:

    Intriguing, but is there key access just in case all else fails or there’s no power? And yes, before anyone jumps on it, I understand there is a battery back-up. But I’m curious, even on the website there’s no mention I can find of what to do if NOTHING works.

    • Weaver says:

      From the vendor’s FAQ page:

      Failsafe in case of Electronic Failure
      A “Fail Safe” has been implemented into the GunBox. A small safety screw can be removed using a tool which will manually open the GunBox in the “rare”event the electronics malfunction. For an added measure of security, the screw can be removed and inserted from the inside of the GunBox, rendering the unit inaccessible. With the screw in this position, and in the rare event of an electronic failure, the GunBox must be drilled out in order to gain access.

  2. Mini Guinea says:

    The only thing this gun box is missing is two fake antennas on the back of it to disguise it as a router for your computer.

  3. straps says:

    Hopefully this takes off and the manufacturer will do one that looks like a book and includes faux covers for romance anthologies, exhaustive studies of 19th century surveying equipment or biographies of obscure ivy league professors or cabinet members.

    The tweaker burglars that work in my AO will key in on all that pretty and cut it off with the recip saws they all use for cutting TVs off walls.

  4. eddi says:

    May I request a model that has a pass through USB port? The near-ultimate secure storage for a hard drive. As is, it can secure valuables. With a bit of insulation a good fire-proof safe for critical documents.

    There may be a much broader audience out there for something like this.