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Perseus – Concept Art for an ExoSkeleton by Artist Francis Goeltner

Concept artist Francis Goeltner created this rather realistic looking marketing pamphlet for an ExoSkeleton. Check it out.




Thanks to artist Ben Mauro for the tip!

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19 Responses to “Perseus – Concept Art for an ExoSkeleton by Artist Francis Goeltner”

  1. Sal says:

    Pretty damn cool.

    Props to Mr. Goeltner

  2. mike says:

    Wait, you want me to take it off? You would have to pry it off my dead cold body…

  3. PT says:

    My big question. . . How easy is it to take a dump? Cause if I’m out in the field and crowning, I don’t want to stop an operation just to have everyone pull security for me while I take off all my gear and go.

  4. DanW says:

    Looks like some of the armor designs from the HALO games. Not that that’s a bad thing, just something I thought was neat.

  5. Mick says:

    Haven’t actually seen it yet… but wasn’t Matt Damon wearing something similar in Elysium?

  6. Wild Bill USMC Ret says:

    Oh Wow!!! Technology has finally caught up to Hollywood albeit 37 years later. Man, these depictions look just like the Imperial Storm Troopers. Is it just me or are some other guys out there waiting for the Jedi Light Sabres and The Force to protect us from the “Evil Empire?”

    Whatever happened to field of vision and environmental & sensory awareness? My Old Man and my old Drill Sergeants and D.I.s (I was U.S. Army prior service to U.S. Marine Corps) are literally rolling over in their graves and/or laughing their old behinds off at this stuff. Anybody got any questions, then you should watch MAJ John Plaster’s (Army Ret.) video with Carlos Hathcock. GYSGT Hathcock’s detailed description of hunting, tracking, and shooting skills says it all. If it was good enough for World War II and Vietnam guys and good enough for me, then it’s still good enough. Field Artillery, AIRBORNE, and UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS——ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

    • MannF says:

      I wonder what your thoughts are about computers? Typewriters were good enough for WWII and Vietnam guys and good enough for you? We’ve got drones of all sizes that provide environmental and situational awareness to commanders and soldiers on the field. This concept art address “field of vision and environmental & snesory awarness” in the second image under “Persception”. The exoskeleton is equiped with multiple sensors and cameras that then project that data into the goggles. You would litterally be able to have enemy combatants highlighted in a contrasting color even if they out of your natural sight, for example behind cover or inside structures. Add in the receiving capability from drone data and you can have all sorts of environmental markers like targets of opportunity, waypoints, hazards, etc, shown to the user.

      • Wild Bill USMC(Ret) says:

        Your points are well taken. Obviously, I know how to use a computer because I submitted a response a couple of days ago. However, I still contend that human skills are more vital than technological advancements. The primary purpose or intent of technology is to enhance human capabilities and not to replace or supplant them. Also, we older guys not only were better at our craft, we knew how to spell correctly without spell check. It’s called a dictionary, and you should consult one for “snesory awarness” and “persception.” (The answers are sEnsory awarEness and perception – no S required.

        • Wild Bill USMC(Ret) says:

          OOOOPs……….please add the ) – close parenthesis to end my latest statement.

    • Chef Rigby says:

      The Mongolians conquered half the world with horses, bows and arrows. If it was good enough for them, its good enough for us, right? Wrong. Technology changes. A big part of why we are the baddest asses around is that technologically we are 2nd to none in the how-to-kill-people department

      • Wild Bill USMC(Ret) says:

        Agreed. The technological advances, which we enjoy, and the implements, which we employ, far out class any current or future enemy. However, the old 1950s Code of Conduct sums up our creedo and beliefs that make The American Fighting Man Second to None. I realize that DoD has changed the wording and meaning of The Code over the past 35 years in order to be politically correct to women and all ethnicities of soldiers/Armed Forces personnel. As you may have surmised, I don’t particularly care for some of these changes. After all, while we serve, we wear the same uniform (for our respective branch) and represent the greatest nation in the history of mankind. That’s why we are “baddest asses” on the planet because we stand together for a common cause.

    • Joe says:

      Hey I think there’s somebody on your lawn. Shouldn’t you go yell at them?

      • Wild Bill USMC(Ret) says:

        Thank you for the warning. I did holler at him, and he went home. I don’t think that he will be back any time soon.

  7. Buck says:

    Totally badass. However, one thing I’ve never seen addressed by exoskeleton designs is grip strength. Your suit may have the power to pick up a car, but if you are unable to hold on then you can’t lift shit. For handles or thinner objects it could be as simple as lifting straps, but for more awkward loads a more sophisticated solution is going to be needed.

  8. Steve says:

    Wait until that makes the rounds at the local high school, recruiters wet dream. Hang that poster up on career day. Whats that? Well son that is the future. So if I join I can be a iron man type storm trooper? Yep. And not only that all base housing is brand new. Your neighbor won’t rip off three or four rounds into his couch at 3am while gaked out of his head on coke. And you will never find your house broken into while deployed by the local meth heads.

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