Haley Strategic Raises $10k for MARSOC Foundation

Received this note from Haley Strategic Partners about their recent BloodStripe fundraiser. They raised $10,000 during this auction.

BloodStripe Fundraiser

Our deepest appreciation to our winner of the MARSOC Foundation BloodStripe Auction Justin Wilkinson for his amazing contribution of $10,000.00

100% of the contribution goes to the foundation to help to provide benevolent support to active duty and medically retired MARSOC personnel and their families as well as to the families of Marines and Sailors who have lost their lives in service to our Nation.

If you would like to contribute and or learn more about the Foundation click here:

Thank you to our contributors: G-Code Holsters, Bravo Company USA, Ryan Weeks of
Brandon Fuller for donating the JACK, and Morgan Collier for custom Case.

Thank you to all who do more than is required of you! Semper Fidelis!

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2 Responses to “Haley Strategic Raises $10k for MARSOC Foundation”

  1. Tackleberry says:

    Nicely Done Sir.

    Ps. That larger blade is gorgeous, will look Ryan up.

  2. Weekly Reader says:

    Was Haley in marsoc?