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TNVC Introduces Helmet Builder Program

The ultimate in helmet customization is here. You chose your base shell and accessories. Configure your helmet the way you want it. TNVC has assembled the most popular components for this program. Shells are NIJ Level IIIa equivalent in TC-2000/2001/2002 cuts.


TNVC is extremely excited to announce the launch of our Helmet Builder program. Helmet Builder allows customers to design their own ballistic ACH/MICH Helmet from the shell on up and purchase it for less than the cost of the individual parts. This provides a substantial value and savings to the end-user because it allows them to get everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Customers start with a basic NIJ IIIA Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) shell made by Rabintex in Israel. Rabintex has been making high quality ballistic protective equipment for over 60 years and is among the leading manufacturers of ballistic helmets worldwide. From there, customers add NVG Shrouds, Mounts, Pads/Liners, Chin Straps, and Rail Systems from industry-leading manufacturers; Wilcox, Norotos, Ops Core, and Team Wendy, to build their Custom Helmet Solution.

TNVC is dedicated to providing its customers the highest grade gear for all their low-light/no-light needs. Helmets are an essential element to the use of Night Vision Goggles. Helmet Builder allows you to create the best platform for your individual needs at a substantial savings!



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