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LBX Tactical Camouflage

LBX Tactical has released additional images of the soon-to-be-released LBX Tactical Camo selection first seen at SHOT Show 2014.


For those not in the know, LBX Tactical is offering four new camouflage patterns designed for Winter/Urban, Desert, Woodland, and Transitional environments, developed in cooperation with Leading Edge Ventures and HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation. The goal of the LBX camo project was to improve upon the vulnerabilities of several of the most popular brands of camouflage while offering the improved capabilities of camouflages previously only authorized for use by Special Mission Units within the US military.

Current uniform digital patterns such as MARPAT, CADPAT, and AOR utilize square and rectangular pixels with a larger Macropattern/Spatial Frequency that tends to blend into one color as distance from the target increases.

LBX Camo utilizes a proprietary 3-dimensional pattern which is added to the larger Macropattern regions to subdue the Spatial Frequency of the pattern and allow for different aspects of the pattern to work at various distances. This feature also creates a semi-horizontal natural flow texture and the illusion of depth and more than seven colors from a distance. This flow helps to mask horizontal movement at various tactical distances.

Sniper instructors from Naval Special Warfare and the US Marine Corps were consulted to ensure the operational effectiveness of the patterns were validated and optimized.


Snow Raptor

Inland Taipan




10 Responses to “LBX Tactical Camouflage”

  1. Red says:

    It might be my eyes, but do mantis/snow raptor use the same pattern and the other two have different ones?
    At least that’s what it looks like in the first picture.

  2. b_a says:

    “while offering the improved capabilities of camouflages previously only authorized for use by Special Mission Units within the US military”.
    Does this mean state of the art night vision concealment or do I read too much into this?

    • Guy Cramer says:

      In order to have a camouflage pattern that can be exported outside of the U.S., the NIR/SWIR cannot function at certain levels as the camouflage then becomes ITAR restricted. Typically there is some functionality in the NIR with commercially available patterns but not into the far end of the NIR or any of the SWIR. We do have the ability to print at those restricted levels but those are only used for U.S. Special Forces.

      • Sal says:

        How do these patterns compare to US4CES?

      • USMColdawg says:


        Why are you deleting my links about the US Army camo’s decision to test MARPAT and now they are looking at digital multicam camo. It has been all over the military news wire this week. I am shocked that you have not made any comment or reference to that news. I guess your analysis was incorrect; hence the silence.

  3. Gruntled says:

    Did you work on these patterns Mr. Cramer?