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SHOT Show – LBX Camo

1C LBX Camo Patterns

For SHOT 2014 LBX Tactical is disrupting the commercial camouflage market with the introduction of four highly effective patterns designed for Winter/Urban, Desert, Woodland and Transitional environments. Working in cooperation with Leading Edge Ventures and HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation, the goal of the LBX Camo project was to improve upon the vulnerabilities of several of the most popular brands of camouflage and offer the improved capabilities of patterns previously only authorized for use by special mission units within the US Military.
LBX- features the latest advances in camouflage research for reduced signatures to allow for enhanced survivability. Current Uniform Digital Patterns such as MARPAT, CADPAT and AOR1/2 use similar square and rectangular pixels but the smaller size of the larger Macropattern (or Spatial Frequency  – blotches) tend to blend into one color as distance from the target increases.
The proprietary 3-dimensional pattern was added to the larger Macropattern regions to subdue to the large Spatial Frequency of the pattern and allow for different aspects of the pattern to work at different distances. This added feature also creates a semi-horizontal natural flow texture and the illusion of depth and more than seven colors from a distance. The horizontal flow of the pattern will help to mask horizontal movement at various tactical distances.
LBX Camouflage addresses these limitations providing one of the most advanced tactical camouflage pattern sets in the world. Using a large Macro pattern, LBX Camo colors are selected with optimum hue and contrast to allow the configuration to have distinct contrasting arrays, which will blend with the natural background while causing the adversary to look past or look through the pattern. Special proprietary algorithms were applied which creates an illusion of 3-dimensional layering. Additionally Sniper Instructors from Naval Special Warfare and the US Marine Corps were consulted to ensure the operational effectiveness of the patterns were validated and optimized.
SnowRaptor ™  (LBX SnowRaptor)

Mantis™ (LBX Mantis)
1A Mantis

See the patterns on display at SHOT show booth #31307

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7 Responses to “SHOT Show – LBX Camo”

  1. NT says:

    Wait, is the snow raptor one glitched? I just see two pics of the Mantis pattern. Either way, super neat to hear about this stuff.

    • Doc Chill says:

      Same here.

    • MikeP says:

      I think you might be colorblind. It’s more common that you would think, about 8% of men with Northern-European ancestry are colorblind to a greater or lesser degree. It’s about 5% of men overall.

      • NT says:

        Actually, the pics had the same label and everything, they both said “Mantis.” It was fixed after I commented, fortunately. I don’t *think* I’m colorblind, anyway… 🙂

  2. Philip says:

    Is there an ETA on release?

  3. Kattyuu says:

    So…Proj.?Honor camo is where?

  4. Kory S says:

    To me the snow raptor is too dense. Snow and urban environmentsmight have similar color palettes but sniw environments cant have a very dense pattern something like the Arctic Marpat is as dense as I would get or Pencott snowdrift.